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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #8 - January 28, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- The Magic Formula For Net Success
- Internet Success in Ottawa
- Three Highly Skilled New Forum Moderators
- Colorful New Logo Available For Your Web Site
- Y2K Utilities
- More About Visitor I.D.
- Instant Survey
- Contest Winner
- Tip Of The Day

Net Success

Why do some agents have great success with their web sites, and others
do not?

Most agents are initially excited about their first web page and
expect great hordes of people will be lining up for their services,
which are nicely detailed on their web page. After a few weeks, and
still no dollars in their pocket to show for their investment, they
lose that enthusiasm. They may still check their email, but the
frequency drops to once a week or so, and in many cases they do not
respond to the email they do receive - considering it a waste of time.

Some agents do enjoy great success from their web site! What do they
differently? Agents everywhere are searching for the magic formula for
internet success! Is there a magic formula? There sure is! As with all
formulas, there are many ingredients that have to be included. If you
leave out just one, the formula doesn't work the way it should.

All of the essentials of a productive web site follow the Platinum
Rule, which says "Treat people as they want to be treated." If you
keep that in mind at all times, the way ahead becomes obvious.

The first ingredient in the formula is the web site itself. The ins
outs of web site design could fill volumes, but a few of the
essentials are that the site must first and foremost be informative,
easy to navigate, interactive, and friendly.

95 % of real estate sites are missing this first ingredient, including
almost all of the web pages real estate boards, associations, or
companies, offer to their agents. Agents committed to succeeding on
the net soon begin their quest for a new web site. (At, the majority of the web sites we have provided to
agents are their second site.)

The second ingredient is a commitment to having the web site
positioned in the major search engines. Without this, no one will ever
know about or find your site! The search engines are constantly
shuffling the deck and sites frequently get dropped and have to be
resubmitted. Search engines change their ranking criteria about once a
year as well. Your site should show up in the first 2 or 3 pages of
responses in at least a couple of the major search engines.

Your search engine positioning is an ongoing process - not a one time
event.If you do not want to personally take the time to ensure this
happens, then make sure you have a webmaster who will do this for you.
This means you will have to pay a monthly maintenance fee in addition
to your original setup fee for your site. If you are currently paying
a monthly maintenance fee for your site, I would recommend checking to
make sure that monthly search engine monitoring and resubmission is

I would not recommend you pay for any of the "Submit your site to 300
search engines for $99" deals. It may be fine for an initial
submission of a new web site, but usually a waste of money after that.
In some cases, your existing search engine positions can actually
become worse.

The third ingredient is the quality of the response to your visitors
requests for your help. Here I believe it is important once again to
invoke the Platinum Rule. If you do, the visitor will feel comfortable
dealing with you and want to form a relationship - especially if your
response is friendly and you do not oversell.

How do visitors want to be treated? In most cases, visitors to your
site are fairly new to the internet. They are exploring the
possibilities, and want to see if they can use the internet in their
buying or selling of real estate. They want the internet to work for
them - that means they usually want their initial response from you to
be by email - the way they contacted you! They would also like that
response within a day - two maximum. Any longer than that and you are
sending the message that you are not the person to facilitate their
internet real estate experience.

I find that most internet leads are at the earliest stages of their
move, and it sometimes takes months from the first contact to first
contract. This means patience is a virtue, and there are many dead
ends. There are also a significant number of real clients to be
gained. Lots of "out of towners" and no referral fees to pay! Just the
saving of one referral fee can pay for your web site - everything else
is gravy! That thought alone is what got me started on the internet.

The fourth major ingredient is promotion. You should put your email
address and web site URL on just about everything you send out. The
first place to start is in your email messages. Develop a signature
that you append to the end of all your email that gives all of your
contact information and service areas. Next step is your business
cards, letterhead, and newsletters. After that your conventional
advertising. This will help drive business to your site and also
encourage visitors to return. As Leanna Doane from Vancouver B.C.
said the other day, "One of my
new year's resolution was to put my web site address on everything -
including all email that I send.  It is amazing how this encourages
people to go back to the web page!" Leanna noticed the difference
within a few weeks and so will you.

Promotion also entails having your site linked to as many other web
sites a possible. This includes making sure you are listed in various
real estate directories on the internet. Another
excellent way of promoting your site is to exchange links with other
agents. You should develop a separate links page on your site, and
whenever you are in contact with another agent on the net, offer to
exchange links! Exchanging links not only puts your name on many other
web sites, but helps your positioning in those search engines that use
link popularity as part of their ranking criteria.

Agents who follow the formula for real estate internet success are
rewarded with transactions that cost very little to generate when
compared with those generated from conventional advertising and
promotion methods. Isn't that just what your business needs?


There is a terrific article about Edna Hanlon's net success in the
current issue of the RE/MAX Times, which is delivered to 50,000 RE/MAX
Associates in 26 countries. The article details the great success Edna
has enjoyed with the internet site that produced for

The article states that for Edna, generating business from the
internet is as simple as providing an attractive, thorough web site -
and being attentive to the needs of the prospects. She has found that
international clients from her web site have become a large part of
her business, and that those leads are sometimes long term prospects.
Edna recommends persistence and patience in dealing with international
clients, as many who log onto her site don't move for two years or

Edna's husband Mike Hanlon acts as her assistant, and is also the
administrator of the internet's premier real estate referral network,
The E-Team Referral Network.


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are gratefully
accepted, and if used you will receive credit along with a link to
your web site or (e mail address if you don't have a web site yet.)
Send submissions to - suggestions may
also be left at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center in the
Newsletter Suggestions Forum.

One of the most popular forums there is the Commercial Real Estate forum. There are
always lots of interesting and informative discussions going on with a minimum
of spam and solicitations to wade through - check it out!

Happenings At

The Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center has three new and highly
qualified forum moderators! Stop by and
welcome them! Their profiles follow below.


We are pleased to welcome Carolyne Lederer as moderator of the Net
Success Forum. Carolyne has been serving clients in the City of
Brampton (Toronto), Ontario Canada (Brampton, Bramalea, Heart Lake
areas, and now Springdale, too) for more than 17 years. First as a
sales representative and later as a broker. She has sold many homes
over and over again in that period, and testimonials galore attest
(see web site ) to the quality care she provides to her buyers,
sellers, their friends, relatives and business associates.

In 1991, Carolyne opened her own boutique brokerage house, Carolyne
Realty Corp., having left a national company, Royal LePage, as their
number one sales representative in her region of 3000 sales people and
was number twenty-two out of 9000 across Canada, consistently a member
of the coveted company awards: President's Gold, Top 10 Award, Award
of Excellence, and National Chairman's Club (top fifty agents in the

As an independent company, Carolyne Realty Corp. has consistently been
voted number two best company in the city to do real estate business
with, by the people of the City of Brampton.


We are pleased to welcome Carole Mellin as moderator of the
Relocations Forum.

Carole is a real estate agent with RE/MAX in Atlanta Georgia. Some of
her designations, awards, and achievements are:
C.R.P - Certified Relocation Professional
A Certified Relocation Professional is a designation held by fewer
than 1/2 of 1 percent of Realtors nationwide.  Awarded by the Employee
Relocation Council, this designation certifies that the holder works
with and understands corporate issues in relocation, and is often
responsible for moving high level executives into suitable homes. 
Carole works with such respected companies as Bell South, Coca-Cola,
Dorsey Trailers, and third party relocation companies.

G.R.I - Graduate Realtor Institute
This is a the equivalent of a master's degree in Real Estate.  
Candidates typically spend about three years earning this degree,
involving intensive seminars on Real Estate law and practices.  The
GRI degree is widely accepted in the Real Estate industry as one of
the most respected credentials available to the experienced Realtor. 
About 5% of the nation's Realtors have obtained this designation.

Member, Employees Relocation Council
Life Member, Million Dollar Club
Voted "Relocation Professional of the Year"
Silver Award - Homebuilders Institute
RE/MAX 100% Club,  Executive Club,  Predidents Club
Georgia All-Star Relocation Network state coordinator

Join us at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center at - it's free! We still need moderators for
a couple of the forums, so if you are interested let me know.

There is now a colorful new logo suitable for members to place on
their web sites and linking to the Idea Center. The logo is just 6kb,
and a transparent gif, so it will work whatever your page background.
Have a look at , where you can
see the logo and cut and paste the code for linking.


There is an excellent download of Y2K Diagnostic and Repair Utilities
available in the Y2K Forum at the Idea Center as well, check it out!

This And That

More on the use of Visitor I.D.

Visitor I.D. Systems help you to verify the identity of guests to your
site. The end results helps you decide which requests for help should
receive high priority and which are probably frivolous - saving you

Visitor I.D. can give you the visitor's real name - it can
give you their last name even if they only gave you their first name
on search forms. It will give you their real e mail address - even if
they made an error or gave you a bogus e mail address on search forms.
This alone will save countless hours of work preparing information
only to find the visitors e mail address is wrong!

Keep in mind that the visitor to your site may have more than one
email account or they may be using someone else's account. The
visitor's browser may not have it's email capabilities turned on. Do
not automatically disqualify a visitor's request based on the lack of
a compatible Visitor I.D. report. Use the information they provide in
the search forms as well to make an educated guess on whether or not
it is a serious request.

This technology works with visitors that have Netscape 3.0 or higher
browsers - which is now the vast majority internet users. As we
approach the year 2000, all surfers will have to update their old
browsers and operating systems. This means that very soon the
technology will work with almost all your visitors.

Visitor I.D. is include free with all Results-net High Performance
Home Page Sites, which are limited to one site per market area. For
more information on the High Performance Home Page Program, visit
Realtor Websites


The current Instant Survey on asks the question
"REALTORS, what activity is your first priority to help increase your
business in the coming year?" The results so far are surprising! Very
few agents are planning on increasing advertising, while new web sites
and increasing networking and rate the highest!

What would you like the question for the next Instant Survey to be?
What are your fellow agents thinking/planning/doing? Give us your
ideas! Send your ideas to or leave them at
the Newsletter and Idea Center Suggestions Forum at



This week's lucky winner is Ken Allen, Kingston ON
who wins a photo listing in the Real Estate
Directory at!

For the next while, we will be choosing one posting a week from the
Idea Center, and awarding the lucky participant with a FREE 6 month
enhanced listing (which includes the agent's photo) in the Real
Estate Directories! The lucky participants will also be mentioned
with a link back to their web sites or email address in this
newsletter which goes out to several hundred real estate

Membership in the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center is free, so
discover this great networking resource today at

Tip Of The Day

"Do not go where the path may lead, but go where this is no path,
and leave a trail." - Les Brown

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their clients.

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