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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #73 - June 28, 2004

from Results-net.com
By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Web Promotion Issues Affecting Realtors
- Organic VS PPC
- Update - How Google's Algorithm Change Affects Realtors
- The Main Key To Ranking Well In Google
- Yahoo, MSN, and Ask Jeeves
- The Web's Most Active Realtor Discussion Forums?
- New Forum For Real Estate Webmasters
- New Participants In The Program
- Available Web Sites With Pre-Existing Search Engine Positions
- Tip Of The Day

Net Success

It is been a few months since the last newsletter so this issue will be a bit of a "catch-up" - with some important events and happenings to be aware of. With that in mind, this issue is a collection of short paragraphs rather than a major article.

- A few studies have recently reported that 80% of web surfers initially ignore par-per-click (PPC) search results and head right to the "organic" search results - the results determined to be relevant by virtue of the content. It is only if they do not find what they are looking for there that they will check out the PPC results. Conclusion? It is far better to have a website that will rank well naturally than to rely on PPC.

- Google's changes of last November (detailed at http://www.leaderspost.com/lp_72.html) are looking more and more like they are permanent although there have been some modifications. In general, most Realtor sites still are having trouble ranking well.

- Also as reported in last issue, the key to ranking well in Google seems to be having lots of incoming links or links that are truly reciprocated. If you link out to lots of Realtors and they are not actually linking back to you - i.e. their links pages are either not listed in Google or their links use a scripting that search engines can't follow - it is impossible to rank well.

- A Google representative has reported that they are trying a half dozen scoring techniques a month and implementing full algorithm changes every six months - so we are probably due for some big changes once again. Personally, I expect big changes in the fall as that is what happens every year with all search engines.

- Google, now more than ever, is on the lookout for "unnatural" linking arrangements and when found such links are discounted and in extreme cases sites are penalized.

- Google Page Rank is dead. It is no longer a factor in how your site ranks in Google.

- Yahoo now is a real search engine and no longer uses Google's results. MSN is in the process of developing their own search engine as well but are currently drawing their results from the same database as Yahoo.

- There are now just three major search engines to worry about your site being included in - Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves. When MSN is ready with their engine there will then be four. All other search engines worth worrying about draw their results from one of the three.

- The Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center is probably the most active independent Realtor Discussion Forums on the web. It can be found at http://www.agentsonline.net has now surpassed 10,000 registered members. One of the most popular forums there is the Agents and Brokers forum. There are always lots of interesting and informative discussions going on with a minimum of spam and solicitations to wade through - check it out!

- For those of you that produce websites for Realtors or if you are a Realtor and maintain your own website, come and participate in the new Real Estate Webmaster Issues Forum.

- The EPowered Professionals Real Estate Directory places very highly
in most major search engines for real estate agent related keywords
and will send prospects to your web site. In addition, the directory
enhances your own web site's link popularity and positively affects your own search engine rankings.


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are gratefully
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This And That

WANTED! Realtors wanted to participate in our program and take over
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Tip Of The Day

When the horse dies - dismount.
- Unknown

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