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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #69 - February 27, 2003

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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There have been some huge changes in the search engine world the
last couple of weeks which will greatly impact upon Realtors' success
with their web sites.

The first big event was the purchase of Inktomi by Yahoo. Inktomi
currently provides search engine results for many search engines
including one of the biggest - MSN Search. Yahoo currently gets their
search results from Google and this is apt to change in the coming

Since Google has been playing with their algorithm this past year
many searches for real estate related keywords on Google and Yahoo
currently turn up a hodge-podge of results with few of them being
agent sites. Most of the top results are now travel sites,
newspapers, and classified ads sites - and not many agent sites.

This is not the case with Inktomi which returns more real estate
agent sites. So an impending switch by Yahoo from Google to Inktomi
is good news for many.

This switch would not be good news for agents who have web sites
with some of the industries most popular real estate web page
providers though. As reported last newsletter
( ) Inktomi has been very active
in penalizing sites that spam and some of the agents biggest web site
providers for Realtors routinely employ spam techniques - which has
resulted in most if not all of their web sites being negatively

So, very many agents will wake up one morning and find they have
lost another major source of traffic - Yahoo.

Another big event in the search engine world is the purchase of both
AltaVista and Fast/AlltheWeb by Overture, the pay-per-click king.
AltaVista has been a very minor player in the last few years and Fast
is just starting to make a big name for itself. Many in the Search
Engine field have been quite lavish with praise for Fast's results
and features recently and I find myself using them more and more for
searches - especially since Google started fiddling with their
alogrithm this past year.

Fast has been touted as the "Next Big Thing" and with their purchase
by Overture the stage is set for 3 major search engine players -
Yahoo, Google, and Overture. Altavista, which used to be a "biggie" a
few years ago, will likely be showing Fast's results in the future as
their own system is pretty poor compared to Fast - and Overture would
not be paying the expense to run two spiders.

MSN is also a giant but as mentioned before they get their results
from Inktomi which is now owned by Yahoo. They have renewed their
agreement with Inktomi in the past couple of weeks so there should
not be any major change there for a couple of years.

With all of these recent developments it looks like Realtors will be
getting most of their web site traffic from Inktomi in the near
future - and not from Google - the current media darling. It is more
important than ever to evaluate your web site and ensure that you
will be found in Inktomi!


You can check if your web may be penalized by Inktomi by visiting
HotBot at and entering your name in the search
field - make sure that "Inktomi" has been chosen for the search
engine. Since there is little competition for your name as a keyword
your web site should be at the top of the list. If you do not see it
on the first page, and your web site has been in existence for at
least 4 months - your site is probably penalized.


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Tip Of The Day

  "Character is like a tree, and
   reputation like its shadow.
   The shadow is what we think of it:
   the tree is the real thing."
                        - Anonymous

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