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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #65 - March 6, 2002

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Get "Votes" For Your Web Site
- Reciprocal Links Initiative
- New House and Home Page Site In Moncton
- Search Engine News - Google
- Search Engine News - Lycos
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Net Success

The World Wide Web is called a web because it is filled with
pages that are linked together just as the strands of a spider
web are linked together. How well is your web site linked to
others on the web?

Having your web site linked from other web sites - especially
those with a similar theme - is one of the most important things
you can do to drive traffic and business to your web site. Not
only can surfers discover you when viewing a related site but
search engines use your link popularity to determine how
relevant your site is in their ranking algorithms.

Being well linked is the equivalent of being well liked - each
link to your site is like a "vote" that says "This site has the
information you are looking for!"

How does one go about amassing links to their web site? It can
be a laborious process, so over the years several schemes have
been devised to try and fool the search engines into believing
that a site is well linked and therefore well liked.

The most common schemes involve a number sites all uploading
the same links that cross link to each site on the list thereby
making it appear that a site has a lot of "votes". This linking
is usually done in a way that is not visible to the public -
either by making the links unseen by using invisible images or
text or by hiding a links page from public view. Because the
links are not viewable by the public there is also no traffic
being generated by surfers finding your link on another web
site. Such schemes are generally known as "link farms" and they
actually did work for a while untill the search engines caught
on. Now such "link farms" are generally ignored by the search
engines and in some cases sites using such strategies are
penalized or banned.

The acceptable way to gain link popularity is to approach the
webmasters of non-competing sites and ask if they would be
willing to trade links (I will link to you if you will link
to me). This requires each to have a web page set up on their
web site for adding these reciprocal links. Many are reluctant
to have links leading away from their web site so they avoid
this strategy - and are the poorer for doing so.

Exchanging reciprocal links is a time consuming process for a
busy real estate professional so even those with good intentions
find it hard to successfully trade more than a few links.
That is why the Links Exchange Initiative was spawned - to
expedite the process!

The Initiative is simply a free cooperative
effort of a group of agents who want to increase their link
popularity in an acceptable way that will not run afoul of the
search engines. It began a week or so ago and participants will
be accepted for about the next week. At that point the
distribution of reciprocal links will begin and soon all should
enjoy more traffic and better search engine positions.

If you are interested in participating you should be aware that
this initiative differs from a "link farm" in some important
ways. Firstly, the links pages are not intended to be hidden -
but should be viewable on the site. In other words the page
containing the links should be accessible from a link either
from your main entry page or one of your sub pages that is
linked from your main entry page. The links page itself should
have a link back to your main entry page (eg. )

Secondly, unlike a "link farm", not all of the links pages will
contain the same links. The links to other real estate web sites
that you have on your links page on your web site may not all be
linking back to you. This means that the content on the links
pages of participants will be different - which is necessary to
avoid being classified as a "link farm". If we have, for
example, 200 participants there would not be 200 links on
everyone's links page - there may be 40 or 50. The intent is to
replicate and streamline the actual process an individual may go
thru when personally soliciting reciprocal links.

A good way to set up a page for exchanging links is to title it
"Relocating? Links to other real estate professionals" or "My
favorite agents and real estate sites" or something along those
lines. Most of the agents who have signed up to participate
already have such a links page set up. Others are planning to do
so and a few require assistance (which we will gladly provide)
in setting up a links page.

There is no software that can do what we are trying to
accomplish - so it is labour intensive. The good news for
participants is that it will be my labour and not yours (at no
cost to you) and we will all benefit.


If you are happy with your web site but not with your search

We have a proven record of producing effective web sites that
place well in the major search engines for targeted keywords and
may be able to help you make the changes to your existing site
and improve it's search engine positioning.

You can promote yourself very well by participating in the
Agents Online Real Estate Discussion Forums,
which are visited by hundreds people who are each viewing
several messages a day now looking for real estate information,
agents, and property listings! All are welcome and
participating in the discussion with over 1300 other members and
sharing your insights is great FREE advertising!

This and That

Search Engine News


These last few months have seen Google experiencing growth
problems which has led to sites not being spidered, being
dropped, and losing page rank.

"Our servers are overloaded. There is a DRAM shortage. We're
building more computers. We are adding more-sophisticated
products to the advertising side of Google. Our problems at the
moment are growth problems."

Source: Three minutes with Google's Eric Schmidt

Another Google employee present for a chat on a French website responded to the question
"What are the reasons for a url to disappear from the Google
database? "

With..."Most of the time, it's because we only have a certain
amount of space to store pages in our index. I wish that we
could catch every page on the web for every index, but sometimes
we have to choose. Usually, when a site drops out of the index,
it's something simple such as the site was down when we tried to
crawl it, or we ending up choosing a slightly different set of
sites for the next crawl."

Google has also introduced a pay-per-click service called
Adwords Select. If you
participate keep in mind that your description is most
important. If your click thru rate is high you will go to the
top even though you are paying less money for your ad than your
competitors - so craft your description well so people will want
to click on it!


Lycos joined AltaVista and Inktomi in the paid inclusion club
when it introduced its own system this past week using Fast/All
The Web's results. Free submission is still an option and
submissions can be made to Lycos though Fast at

Tip Of The Day

Zig Ziglar has a great line. That is: "Life is like a cafeteria.
First you pay then you get to eat." It's not a restaurant
where you sit down, get served and get your fill. When you are
full and satisfied, then the bill arrives. You have to pay
before you receive the reward.

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