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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #64 - January 14, 2002

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

A new year is upon us and you know what that means - its time
for my annual rant about automated response :)

Agents frequently talk glowingly about autoresponders being
"the way to go" - they like the fact that their work is being
done for them and they do not have to spend their own time
answering email and following up with leads.

At the same time, few say that they have had much success
actually converting a prospect to a closed deal using this
approach. This is not surprising as real estate is a
relationship business and it is hard for a prospect to build a
relationship with an autoresponder - even a personalized one.

What exactly is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a special
email address. The address is programmed to instantly "bounce
back" a pre-formatted email reply anytime it receives an
incoming message.

Autoresponders can be used to respond to specific inquiries,
where the person requesting knows the information will be
delivered by autoresponder - such as delivery of a special
report that is requested. They should not be used to respond to
your general mail.

If you've ever written a conventional mail letter to a company
and in return received a form letter, you'll understand just
how impersonal and unsatisfying that can be. In many cases such
a reply will cost you the opportunity to do business with your
web visitor.

When someone sends you an email, in their mind they have the
illusion that it has reached a real live person and is being
handled in a professional manner. They don't really expect you
to be sitting there in your office just waiting for their
message to arrive. But the good feeling of having started the
process is satisfying.

Sequential autoresponders, which send out repeated email at
regular intervals to a prospect, have become quite popular
recently. In most cases the prospects have no idea when they
first requested information from the Realtor that they would be
receiving "canned" email regularly after the initial
information was received.

Think about your own response to unsolicited email for a
minute. Isn't it amazing how adept you have become at picking
out which email was sent just to you and which was personalized
but sent to many people at the same time?

I recently request some "reports" at an agent's site so I could
experience firsthand what a prospect receives from a popular
autoresponse system which is touted by the supplier and agents
alike as having messages that are well crafted and information
rich. I have to tell you that as a "prospect" the follow up
emails I am receiving just seem like spam to me and I am sure
most prospects see it the same way. The unsolicited information
being received may be educational in nature but is not targeted
to the prospects specific needs - so why would they read it?

I don't know about you, but with the amount of email I get, I
have to make decisions which messages get read and which don't.
More and more people have to make that same decision every day,
and come to realize why unsolicited email (known as spam on the
internet) is despised so much.

Automatic followup systems are all the rage and initially may
seem like a good idea if one is looking for a follow up system -
but the agent who follows up personally will always get the
business over the agent using an automated system. Why?

Because about a week or sooner after you were first contacted
by the prospects on the internet - they changed their criteria
(almost all do). They are now working with an agent who followed
up personally with a phone call after the initial email response
and knows their revised needs and has started building a
personal relationship. You are just the agent who keeps sending
them information about houses that don't interest them.

People are becoming more and more resentful about the spam they
receive. Carolyne Lederer recently
listed a home as a result of a visitor to her web site. Carolyne
told me that "This seller seems to have gotten so many email
solicitations asking her to sell her house, and she was so
annoyed that she wouldn't list with those guys under any
circumstance - sort of like the phone ringing right at supper
time, I guess."

Carolyne also mentioned that this seller hates to visit web
sites that save her information using cookies. Many people
today are concerned about spam and assume that cookies must be
responsible in some way. People who are concerned about cookies
(which are really harmless), have their browsers set to notify
them when a cookie is being "requested" - so they know whether
or not your site is using them and often leave quickly for a
"friendlier" site.

What she and others are also upset about is agents whose sites
pop up the message (upon entry to the site) requesting
permission to save the visitors email address to send them spam.
That gives the visitor the idea that since the site owner has
scooped the visitor's email address already that their privacy
is being invaded.

Before using some of these systems - put yourself in your
visitors' shoes and remember that the most successful agents
follow the platinum rule and "treat people as they want to be
treated" (not "treat people as I want to be treated").


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This and That


Search Engine News

Yahoo has changed their $299 inclusion consideration fee to an
annual fee. So far this will affect new submissions only but I
would not be surprised if they extended it to those currently
listed as well.

I for one would not pay it as I believe that the traffic
quality for real estate sites from Yahoo is over rated and there
are no "side benefits" to being listed in Yahoo as there are in
LookSmart and the Open Directory - both of which affect your
ranking in other search engines.

Northern Light will cease being a publicly available search
engine as of January 16.



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