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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #63 - December 19, 2001

from Results-net.com
By: Doug Toews, Editor

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- How Gord Gets A Deal A Month From His Web Site
- New Site In Bucks County PA
- No Leads? Check Your Email Program
- http://www.epoweredprofessionals.com
- All The Best!
- Search Engine News - Excite and WebCrawler
- Search Engine News - Google Glitch
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Net Success

Winnipeg RE/MAX agent Gord Kawecki has enjoyed much success
with his real estate web site - he has 12 deals so far this
year from the House and Home Winnipeg Real Estate Page. Last
weekend Gord and his site were featured in the local newspaper
after the reporter had found his site on the internet and was
impressed by the content Gord offered.

Here is an excerpt from the article - which gives some clues to
reasons for Gord's success...

<< The comprehensive website features specific information
about the individual agent as well as more general information
for both buyers and sellers, such as a listings search, market
analysis and home evaluation services. There are also great
links to other useful sites, such as mortgage specialists, home
inspection services, interest rate forecasts, legal information
and even an international real estate directory.

Gord Kawecki took over the site, which can be found at
Winnipeg real estate, two years ago. So far, Kawecki
says the website has worked really well for his business. He's
done a deal a month with people he's met solely due to the

"These are people that never would have found me in a million
years," he says. "But they found me because they were surfing
the Net and came across my site."

Four of Kawecki's recent sales have been to people from out of
town who have used the Internet to find a Winnipeg real estate
agent. Kawecki has worked with clients from as far away as
Britain and Mississippi to help them find a house in Winnipeg.
Much of their communication through their house hunt was done
through the Internet.

"About 90 per cent of the people who find my website want to
receive information by e-mail," Kawecki notes.

The downside of dealing with people over the Internet is that
it's rather anonymous, he adds. Kawecki provides people with the
information they request and then trusts that they will deal
with him when they actually buy or sell a house. It's a risk but
once he establishes regular e-mail contact, Kawecki says he has
about a 75-per-cent success rate in doing deals with those

"I'm diligent but not pushy," he says. "And hopefully they
reward me with their business."

Although the bulk of Kawecki's business is still based on
referrals and meeting people face to face, he says the website
is a growing part of his business and he expects that to
continue in the future. >>

Gord does not worry about the "inner workings" of his web site
nor does he spend his time worrying about his site being found
in the search engines even though that is how his prospects find
him. That is because Gord's site is provided by RNC Internet
Services (Web Promotion for Realtors ) and the site
management and search engine positioning is all taken care of so
Gord can concentrate on following up with his prospects and
selling real estate.


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Have your leads from your web site suddenly dried up? Maybe you
should check your email program. Kansas
City had this
situation recently.

After some investigation she found that her leads were in a
folder she had created in Outlook 2000 called "Property Search" but
they were not visible. She found them only when she did an
"Advanced Find" search for the Subject Field words that are used
in her form responses.

For some unknown reason these form response leads were

Happenings At Results-net.com

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This and That

I would just like to take this opportunity to say "All the best
for the holidays!" and wish everyone a happy and prosperous
2002. Have a good one!

Search Engine News

Excite and Webcrawler have been taken over by InfoSpace and are
no longer displaying results generated by their own search
technology. Both engines have followed the path of other defunct
search services like Infoseek and Snap and are now showing the
results from Overture (formerly goto.com) which are paid
listings followed by listings from Inktomi.

Google updates its index once a month and this last update saw
many sites - including most of the House and Home Real Estate
Page sites - disappear from the index due to a glitch that
developed when Google updated their index at the beginning of
December. If you search for one of the missing sites by
inputting the url in the search box a lending industry doorway
page is presented as the found site. Google is aware of this
problem and hopefully the missing sites will be back in the
index when Google updates once again - which should be the
beginning of January.


If you are happy with your web site but not with your search

RNC Internet Services has a proven record of producing
effective web sites that place well in the major search engines
for targeted keywords and may be able to help you make the
changes to your existing site and improve it's search engine

Tip Of The Day

"Don't use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved."
- Unknown

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