A Realtor Website Is Like A FSBO

THE LEADERS POST - Issue #61 - June 05, 2001

from Results-net.com
By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse
- Having A We Site Is Like A FSBO
- Happenings
- Don't Overlook Those Small Steps To Success
- Search Engine News
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Net Success

When planning their web presence, many agents who are
relatively new to the internet seek solutions for the wrong
problems - they put the cart before the horse.

Many may still suffer the delusion that because the internet is
used by millions of people that their web site will be heavily
trafficked and the first priority is to find ways to deal with
the "boatloads" of prospects their site will attract.

So, many agents tend to put their highest priority on finding a
system that will handle all these expected leads for them while
paying little heed to the elements necessary to get the targeted
traffic and leads in the first place.

Believe me, unless you make targeted traffic generation your
highest priority, handling "boatloads" of prospects will not be
a problem at all. In fact, you may never do a deal as a result
of your web site.

Agents tend to gush when talking about all of the gizmos,
autoresponders, and follow up systems they have in place and
readily recommend the web site providers who supply their
systems but most are completely silent when asked about the
results they are having - how many deals they do as a result of
having their web site.

That is because the real problem is getting targeted traffic,
prospects interested in buying or selling, to visit your web
site in the first place and this is largely ignored as a result
of the "build it and they will come" mentality that still exists.

Newsletters, mailing lists, and automatic followup systems are
for generating repeat visits - you can't use your automatic
systems if you can't get new visitors to your site!

Putting up a web site is not like listing a house and putting
it on MLS - it is not automatically available to all interested
parties. Having a web site is more like FSBO - without the
signage or extensive advertising there is no hope getting a
prospect in the door.

For real estate web sites, the primary signage and advertising
is good search engine positioning which does not happen by
merely having meta tags on your site and submitting as many

Unfortunately for agents, many of the more popular web site
solutions make very inadequate provisions for search engine
positioning although their powerful marketing language leads one
to overlook this fact.

Once the site is up and running, the ongoing search engine
positioning is usually left up to the agents who have little or
no experience in such matters. If they did, they would realize
that the site is not designed to place well in search engines in
the first place so they are fighting a battle they cannot win.

Recently many agents have turned to "Pay Per Click" search
engines such as Goto.com where they can buy good search engine
positioning for the most targeted keywords regardless of how
optimized their site is. This is an excellent way of generating
extra traffic and something I do myself.

However, relying on paid placement alone is not a satisfactory
solution with the cost per visitor approaching $2.00 each for
the most clicked on targeted keywords in many market areas. The
costs add up real fast!

I have not found a real estate agent yet who has enjoyed much
success on the internet without having good search engine
positioning for targeted keywords in the major search engines.

So, when planning your internet presence, make sure you have
your priorities right and put search engine optimization and
placement at the top of the list. Since it takes about 10,000
hours to become an expert at anything this is not something you
really want to take the time to do yourself. Your time is better
spent selling real estate!

Make sure your web designer has a proven track record with
placing sites well in the major search engines for the targeted
keywords actually used by buyers and sellers in your market area.

If you are building your own web site it will be well worth
your while to pay someone with search engine optimization
experience to assist you in your search engine positioning


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Happenings At Results-net.com

The Results-net site has had a
face lift and some new additions - check it out!

One useful change is that links to some of the most popular
articles on how to increase your real estate business using the
internet are now on the front page.


You can promote yourself very well by participating in the
Agents Online Real Estate Discussion Forums,
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This and That


by Dr. Roger Wilcox

I've noticed recently that when people talk about business, and
especially business success stories, they always seem to talk
about BIG events: Breakthroughs, Innovations, and even that
"Magic Moment" when they knew their business was going to be

In all this hoopla, what sometimes gets overlooked are all those
small steps that made the momentous occasions possible. Without
those small steps, no business can be successful -- after all,
crossing a stream may be a big deal, but it took a lot of little
stepping stones to get there.

The savvy business person understands that you have to pay
attention to these small details, and in fact, should sometimes
even focus on them. They know that a business is something that
needs to be examined every day, not every year.

Take, for example, promotion and marketing. A lot of people
start out thinking of doing large advertising campaigns that
will get them a "Big Hit" -- oftentimes, however, the only big
hit they get is in the wallet!

Successful businesses, on the other hand, know that promotion is
something that you do on a constant, if not daily, basis. This
doesn't mean that you have to call up an advertising firm every
day to begin a new campaign. Instead, think about little things
you can do to promote your business, and try to one of these
each time you can.

For instance, you could place a classified ad on a free service,
or you could work for a short time on making your web copy
sharper, or you could write an article like this one and submit
it to the ezines. You might not get a million customers from any
of these things, but it's surprising how your small promotions
add up to a large impact.

Think about it: most of us learn things through repetition --
it's how we learned the alphabet and the multiplication tables.
The same principle works for promotion; if the customer sees
your company mentioned in a lot of places, even if they are
small, they will come to remember who you are.

A good time to examine the small steps to success is when you
are setting goals. If you set up your goals as a series of
small steps, it will be much easier for you to track your
progress and achieve your objectives.

Imagine this -- You write down a goal of "Get Rich." That's
fine, but you can see what's missing. How do you do it? How do
you start? What do you need? What you would probably want to do
here is write down some smaller, more realistic goals that build
upon each other and lead naturally to the lofty goal of
financial success. You could then see how you are doing, and
feel proud of yourself every time you achieve one of your
stepping-stone goals.

I hate to use a cliche, but we all have to remember that even
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That
first step is vital, but we also need to understand that all
the steps after the first are just as important. Only by
taking all the steps in turn can we reach our ultimate goal.

Author Roger Wilcox promotes applications to his clients that
help keep them motivated to stay on the road to success. To
find out how you can use these products to help improve your
promotions, productivity, and profits, just stop by his web


Search Engine News

IWon.com and Canada.com have both stopped using Inktomi for
their search results and are now using the paid listings from

Other search engines who have recently raised the white flag
and are trying to pay a few bills by just showing GoTo.com
listings are Infoseek/Go.com and Compuserve's search service.

Tip Of The Day

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one under a bush... Gerry Cheevers

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