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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #58 - March 15, 2001

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Be in the Top 10%!
- Link Popularity - the wrong way
- Link Popularity - the right way
- Have a web site with pre-existing Top 10 search positions
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Net Success

Last issue, available online at, contained an article
debunking many of the claims made by web site providers and
search engine submission companies but also stressed the
importance of having your web site place well in the major
search engines.

The article contained the statement "If search engine
positioning is not the major element around which a web site is
built the site will never place well in search engines and you
will do no business from the web site."

Apparently some companies that provide web sites for real
estate agents found this threatening to their business, as I
received several irate responses!

It is wishful thinking to believe otherwise I am sorry to say.
Although "no business" may sound a bit extreme (perhaps "nearly
no business" would have been more appropriate), in the real
estate business about 10 percent of agents account for about 90%
of the sales.

That is also true on the internet where about 10 percent of
real estate agent web sites account for about 90 percent of
sales generated using the internet.

Those "Top 10%" web sites that account for most of the business
are in the top because they are well placed in the major search
engines - it really is as about as simple as that!

Don't let anyone tell you that search engines are not worth the
bother - they are if you want to generate business from your web
site. You have to target the right search words though or else
you will get lots of traffic to brag about but it will not be
the kind of traffic that will result in business for you.


Also on the subject of search engines, it is well known that
several search engines are influenced by link popularity. Over
the past couple of years several "link farm" services have
sprang up promising to boost your link popularity. Some web site
providers are also incorporating a form of "link farms" into
their products. These work by participating sites incorporating
a page of links so that technically many sites are linked

I am sorry to say that, as with all such ideas to fool search
engines, such a strategy does not work. As soon as search
engines noticed what was happening they took steps to void the
benefits. Some very important search engines like AltaVista and
Google are reported to be banning web sites using these services.

So how does one get link popularity? The best way is to set up
a page on your site for exchanging links with other agents. You
then make contact with your colleagues in other cities and ask
to exchange links. As a side benefit, you are also building a
referral network - you gotta like that!

Just as there is no quick and easy way to get top search engine
positions - there is no quick and easy way to get instant link
popularity except to work at it.

RNC Internet Services has a proven record of producing
effective web sites that place well in the major search engines
and may be able to help you make the changes to your existing
site and improve it's search engine positioning. Check out
http://WWW.RNCINTERNET.COM for more information or to
arrange an assessment of your site and pricing details.

***RNC Internet Services can only do your search positioning
for you as long as you are not in the same market area as a
current House and Home Real Estate Page member. Also in some
cases, because of the changes to your site that would be
required to improve your positioning, we can't help you if you
do not own the copyright to your site.


The House and Home Real Estate Page for your area is a proven
effective web presence system and comes as a fully customizable
package and is continuously updated to conform to the changing
criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep nights
and concentrate on selling real estate! Check it out at
Real Estate Web Design


Happenings At

The Results-net site has had a
face lift and some new additions - check it out!

One useful change is that links to some of the most popular
articles on how to increase your real estate business using the
internet are now on the front page.


You can promote yourself very well by participating in the
Agents Online Real Estate Discussion Forums,
which are visited by hundreds people who are each viewing
several messages a day now looking for real estate information,
agents, and property listings! Participating in the discussion
and sharing your insights is great FREE advertising!

This and That

Do you know of agents who would be interested in having a web
site that already has good search engine positioning? If so,
tell them about the House and Home Real Estate Page program at

Currently there are a few available areas that already have pre-
existing search engine positioning in some of the most popular
search engines - for the most effective keywords! These search
engines include AltaVista, Google, Lycos, MSN Search, HotBot,
and Yahoo (web pages section)

For the most popular keywords used by searchers ('city' real
estate), the areas that may be of interest are:

Anchorage - (top 10 in 7 major engines)
Colorado Springs - (top 10 in 7 major engines)
Suffolk County Long Island - (top 10 in 7 major engines)
Niagara - (top 10 in 9 major engines)

Of course, many other area are also available but the search
engine positioning is not already pre - existing like the above
areas and would take a few months to mature.


Tip Of The Day

If the odds are a million to one against something occurring,
chances are 50-50 it will. - Unknown

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