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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #56 - January 19, 2001

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Why agents fail to prosper on the internet - short answer
- A REALTOR's secrets of internet success
- Developing trust with your customers
- Are you disorganized?
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Net Success

There is a big shake up going on in the dot com world as news
reports are filled with stories of the demise of former dot com
stars. Many real estate dot coms have also fallen by the wayside
- or soon will.

One of the main reasons real estate dot coms - and also real
estate agents - fail to prosper on the internet is because of
the lack of understanding of the dynamics of internet leads and
how to effectively work them.

I know of no large scale successful service that refers leads
obtained from the internet to agents. Why? The short answer is
that most internet leads are long term leads - people at the
beginning or their process who will not turn into dollars until
months down the road.

Agents are accustomed to, and often only interested in, short
term leads that will turn into a transaction within the next
couple of weeks - much like regular ad and sign calls do.

According to the 2000 National Association of Realtors Profile
of Home Buyers and Sellers Survey two-thirds of home buyers
expect to use the Internet in their next home purchase! That
number is expected to rise to 80% by 2005.

Those two facts alone should be reason enough for agents to
want to get their fair share of internet leads and to learn how
to properly handle those leads so they turn into dollars.

Gord Kawecki is one agent who has enjoyed great success on the
internet after only a short period of time. Gord took over an
existing site, The House and Home Winnipeg Real Estate Page ,
in March of 2000. By the
end of the year Gord had 10 deals as a result of the site - the
last one came just before New Years and pays a nice $9,000
commission - huge for Gord's marketplace.

What did it cost Gord for the House and Home Real Estate Page
web presence system ( Realtor web design )that allows
him to enjoy such success? Just and all-inclusive $125 CAN ($89
USD) per month with a setup fee of $495 CAN ($350 USD)!

I don't know about you, but most agents spends tons more than
that on conventional marketing that brings no measurable results
at all! Meanwhile, a small investment of money and a little bit
of patience can bring big returns on the internet.

How does Gord handle leads from the internet? He gives them
what they want - not a hard time. Gord will email them the
information they request and sometimes follow up with a phone
call if he doesn't hear back. Then he follows up with his opt-in
weekly market report for the longer term prospects. This report
is personalized with the prospects name using a mail merge
program. The shorter term prospects are regularly emailed the
new MLS listings that match their criteria in addition to being
on the opt-in list.

Gord says that the prospects that resulted in the $9,000
commission first contacted him several months ago and that he
had a couple of false starts before finally showing them houses -
he just had to take them out once and they bought!

Gord had actually mentally "wrote off" this lead but continued
to follow up anyway and patience paid off. By the end of the
year Gord already had lots of practice being patient as most of
his leads that had already paid off were "long term" as well.

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by James Noland

So you have a great product or idea, and now you want to
market it. How can you make sure that your target audience
will believe the claims you make about your product or service?

You have to generate TRUST in the minds of your audience.
They not only have to trust in the quality of your product,
but they also have to trust YOU as the provider of these goods.

Many people think that it is hard to show that you are
trustworthy in a non-face-to-face situation. However, there
are actually many ways that you can create a sense of trust
in your audience. If you want to prove your trustworthiness
to your audience, try these simple steps:

1. Show your competence. It is very hard to trust someone
who doesn't seem to know what they are talking about.

Be especially careful that you are accurate and correct with
all the facts that you use. Even simple mistakes can cause
your audience to question your credibility. The same goes
for vocabulary and spelling: any problems will reflect poorly
on you, which can lead to a loss of trust.

2. Be sincere. You started your business because you
believed in it (hopefully!). Show your enthusiasm for your
product and business, and that enthusiasm will be contagious.

Your audience will be more likely to believe in your product if
you show that YOU believe in it. One way you can do this is to
explain why you personally decided to start your business and why
you personally believe people should become clients or customers.

3. Create goodwill with the audience. People are more likely
to trust a person who seems to be acting in their benefit.
Let the audience know that you are willing to go that extra
mile to please them.

A personal sense of commitment to the customer can be as
effective as any advertisement. Your communication with your
customers can be a great help here. For instance, personalized,
interested emails will do a lot more to make your customers
feel comfortable than any number of form-letter emails will.

4. Show your associations. If you are affiliated with any
organizations that might be of interest to the audience, make
sure to mention them. This is especially true if you are
associated with any charities or charitable organizations.

The credibility of these organizations will help create
credibility for your own business. Remember that most customers
don't just buy a product or service; they buy an IMAGE, which
includes how they see you and your business.

By showing that you and your enterprise can be trusted to
provide the best service possible, you make your online
business much more compelling and effective.

Author James Noland has established his credibility by providing
incomparable Internet opportunities to his customers. To learn
more about these tremendous money-making opportunities


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Tip Of The Day

"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
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