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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #54 - December 21, 2000

By: Doug Toews, Editor

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- Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Chin Up in Business
- The Five Ingredients for Success...
- New House And Home Real Estate Page in Cincinnati
- Margo Duke is a new Moderator of Buyer Agency Forum
- You can be a Moderator too!
- Tip Of The Day

Net Success

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your
family "All The Best For The Holiday Season!" and pass along a
friendly reminder to take the time to help someone less
fortunate at this time of year.

This issue features a couple of guest articles that are written
for business success in general, but apply to real estate
professionals as well.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Chin Up in Business!
By Dan Snow

As entrepreneurs, we all have those times when sales
slump a little, or we feel stuck in a rut, or we're
just not sure if we're even doing the right thing.

Before you let a bad day, or a deal gone sour, fill
you with self-doubt - which WILL effect your business
eventually, try these sure-fire ways to pick yourself
up until the next time you're celebrating a sale!

1. Read over your testimonials from past clients.

This will remind you of how valued your business is, and
how much you have been appreciated. No testimonials? What
are you waiting for? Get some! Get on the phone and call
people who you know have been satisfied with your service
in the past - tell them you're 'revamping your approach'
(then it's not really even a little white lie!), and
wondered if they would consider jotting down a few words
about what your company did for them.

Most folks are delighted to oblige!

2. Call a mentor. You probably know lots of seasoned
professionals who've been around the block a few times
more than you. It doesn't matter if they're not in the
same business - whatever business they're in , they've
probably experienced the same kinds of 'slumps' that
you find yourself in now.

And again, most entrepreneurs who have 'been there, done
that' would be happy to spend a few minutes encouraging
you to carry on with what you're doing.

3. Get outa there! Particularly if you work from home,
it's so important to just simply TAKE A BREAK. Turn
off the computer, hang up the phone, shut down the fax
machine and get outa there! Go for a walk, pet the dog,
find a baby to play with... do ANYTHING that's completely
different than having your nose to the grindstone!

It sounds trite, but a change really IS as good as a rest!

4. Do some innovative thinking. Brainstorm some new,
creative ways to jump-start your sales. I remember reading
somewhere about a guy that was trying really hard to get an
appointment with the CEO of a big company and not having any
luck. Finally, he bought a cheap pair of shoes, put ONE of
them in a box and mailed it to the CEO with a note that said
'Just trying to get a foot in the door.' He got his
appointment - AND landed the account.

5. Spend some time with someone who loves you 'no matter
what.' I know, that sounds pretty 'un-businesslike,'
doesn't it? But what better way to reassure yourself that
you can't take it personally, and that YOU'RE okay, even
if business really stinks right now!

I've tried all of these methods, and every one of them
has been successful - after all, I'm still in business!

Author Dan Snow stays pretty motivated in his
Internet marketing business, email him at and
let him know what YOU did to stay motivated!

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The Five Ingredients for Success...
No Matter What Business You're In!

by Bill Shands

1. Have a plan. There's a reason you've heard that line
repeatedly - because IT WORKS. There's an old expression
that goes like this ... "If you don't know where you're
going, ANY road will take you there." Doesn't that make
sense? It makes a LOT of sense not to try building a house
before you lay the foundation.... so why do so many people
start a business without a plan for it?

Even if you've already started your business without a plan,
it's never too late to begin one. Sit down with a pad of
paper and a pen, and start by writing out the months of the
year - beginning with next month. For each month, decide
where you'd like to be by the end of it - and write it down.

2. Set deadlines to accomplish your plans. Assign
'completion by' dates to each of the different goals you
set, and try not to let anything interfere in the completion
of these goals! In addition, if anyone else is going to be
involved, make sure you decide in advance who will take
responsibility for each part of the project.

3. Pay attention to how you spend your time, and be
prepared to account for it - not to anyone else, only to
yourself. The reason for this is simple - if you have a
plan, and you've set goals to reach in order to fulfill that
plan, you need to know if your time is being spent
accordingly. If you are spending too much time on tasks that
take you away from your plan, you may need to re-think what
you're doing.

4. Have fun -- enjoy doing whatever you are doing in your
business. Of course, in order to be working for the fun of
working, you need to be doing something that is fun to do!

If this isn't true for you, maybe you need to start back at
#1 on this list. When you're dedicated to building a
business in something that you love to do, even the long
hours and occasional setbacks will be like 'water off a
duck's back' if you're having fun!

5. Keep a positive attitude, even in the face of
difficulties. The road to success is littered with obstacles
and errors, and it is very likely that you will make some
mistakes or run into unforeseen troubles. How well you 'keep
your head up' is bound to determine how clearly you'll SEE
ahead of you! And one more thing about attitude -- don't
start tomorrow, or next week, or next month. If you're
feeling depressed about your business, or discouraged, what
can you do to change your attitude RIGHT NOW?

Author Bill Shands is using these very principles to build
his home-based business beyond the five-figure-monthly
income level he originally planned for.


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Tip Of The Day

A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice
without getting nervous. - Unknown

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