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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #52 - November 23, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

Last Issue contained an article titled "The Real Secret of
Search Engine Positioning Revealed" and can be found online at if you missed it. That
article generated a few questions as to why it is not wise to
trust your web site to a software program to submit your pages
to the major search engines.

Last week I was forwarded an email that outlines the search
engine strategy of one such internet lead/web design company
and asked to comment. Similar scenarios can be found with other
companies as well, so make sure you fully understand the process
the company uses before committing to any internet lead/web
design company.

In this case, the company offers a huge web site consisting of
hundreds of pages and many of these pages are apparently
"doorway pages" that are designed to be submitted to the search
engines for the purpose of leading a viewer to the main site.
The stated purpose is to create as many top placements in the
search engines as possible. In addition there is a guarantee of
a minimum of 6 top ten positions for "relevant search terms" in
one or more of the 23 search engines they identify as "major"
after 90 days or you do not pay for that month. Sounds great so
far, doesn't it?

It turns out that the "guarantee" is nothing to get excited
about for the "relevant terms" include a couple of terms that
are rare and will not be used by any other web site - which
ensure top placement for those terms for your site and
guarantee they will never have to make good on the "guarantee".

What are these terms? Your name for one and your office name
for another. How many other web sites optimized for your name do
you think you will actually be competing with for search engine
ranking? If you answered zero you are understanding the concept
here :)

The strategy that is outlined for submitting the sites to
search engines is designed around how the software works and not
necessarily around how to achieve good search engine ranking.

That is always the case in situations such as this. When a
company is targeting large numbers of agents and web sites they
need an automated system to take care of the search engine
submissions because of the costs involved. Automated systems
lack flexibility and have to use a strategy that can not fit the
requirements of all of the major search engines.

The alternative to an automated system is to use people who
specialize in search engine optimization and submission to
manually monitor the positions and submit according to the
requirements of each individual search engine. This takes time
for each site but the results are well worth it in the end.

In this case their strategy regarding the major search engines
is to submit one page from your site to the major search engines
every 25 hours and repeat the cycle once all the pages have been
submitted which they say will take 11 months because of the
number of pages your site will encompass.

They have likely set up the software in such a way because some
search engines, like AltaVista, are reported to consider it
spamming if more than a couple of pages a day are submitted from
a single domain in a day. AltaVista will delete sites that spam
and in some cases ban them from their results.

But will this system work on other search engines? In most
cases the answer is NO. Other search engines operate differently
and different strategies are required. Some search engines will
list your page and then drop it anywhere from a couple of weeks
to a couple of months later. Under their system you now have to
wait 11 months to get the page back in.

Other search engines will not drop your page after the initial
submit but may penalize if a page is resubmitted when it
already appears in the index. Other search engines may take
multiple submissions in order for the page to appear in the
index - and if a page is only submitted once every 11 months the
page will never appear.

To sum up, there is no replacement for a real live person who
knows how each search engine works and will manually monitor and
submit your site as required by each search engine. There is no
software that can do this and if you are going to use the
services of a company that works with a large number of web
sites your site will not get the search engine rankings you
would like.

RNC Internet Services at Realtor Websites only
works with one real estate agent per market area for the House
and Home Real Estate Page Program and manually monitors
the web site's position in the major search engines and
resubmits as required every few weeks.


By Cindy Smith

What is the biggest investment you've ever made?

If you've bought a house you know that it's a BIG investment.
How about a car? Or kids in college? That's big as well. While
these are big, I believe that the BIGGEST and BEST investment
you can make is in YOU!

As small business people we are so busy with getting new
customers, KEEPING customers, doing the books, making the
coffee and the zillion other things in our day that we forget
to take care of US. If your ability to produce is diminished
then your income will be affected as well. So let's dust off
the basics, look in the mirror and find out where we are.

Believe me, it will be worth the trip.


Stop and think for a moment. Are you proud of what you do for a
living? When people ask "What do you do?" do you hold your head
high as you explain it? Really STOP and think this one over. If
you're in it just for the bucks, chances are it will be a short


Yeah, I know. This is stuff from the 60's or something, right?
Nope. It was true a hundred years ago and it's TRUE NOW;
without a positive attitude you won't go far.

I'm not talking about some football players banging their heads
together. But what I AM saying is that your level of enthusiasm,
or lack thereof, will come across to your customer and HEAVILY
INFLUENCE their buying decision. And, YES, even on a website or
through email, it still holds true. Check your enthusiasm

Are you a quart low? Only YOU can change it.


When we used to go out and make (yikes) cold calls, it meant the
right clothing or car. In the Internet world it means the right
web site, signature lines in email, and RESPONSE to the customer.
The bottom line here is that there is no excuse for a shoddy
looking site. The Web is full of FREE tools to spiff up your
site. So if you're not looking crisp, fix it today.


Hey, remember this one from your parents? "You can do anything
if you just stick with it" they would say. Funny how over time
parents begin to get smarter and smarter. Take a lesson from this
one. You won't succeed by bouncing from one thing to the next.

So, our trip down memory lane complete, how do you feel? Look
in your heart and you will find the areas that need to improve.
The NEXT STEP is to take action. "But the phone is ringing and I
need to make another pot of coffee" you say? Invest in yourself
TODAY and soon someone else will be bringing the coffee to YOU.

Author Cindy Smith has been there and back. She knows,
like you do in your heart, that you are your biggest asset.



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Happenings At

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This and That

Antivirus companies are warning of an internet worm, previously
thought to be of little harm. This virus - Navidad, which
appears as an e-mail Christmas card - is an internet worm that
uses e-mail protocols to spread.

Users become infected if they open the attachment Navidad.exe
in an e-mail. The worm will attempt to send itself to addresses
in the user's in-box, not the address box like the Love Bug.

Should you receive an attachment containing Navidad.exe, DO NOT
OPEN IT. Simply delete it from your IN-BOX and your DELETE FOLDER.

Tip Of The Day

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another
direction." - General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)

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