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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #51 - November 9, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- The Real Secret Of Search Engine Positioning Revealed
- What is Really Going On With Your Web Site?
- Two New House and Home Real Estate Page Sites
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Net Success

A few questions I receive from time to time are "What is the
real secret to being successful at positioning web sites well in
the major search engines?" and "Is it a special service or
software? What special tool allows you to do that?"

Many years ago I operated a company whose specialty was
installing the fine woodwork found in expensive custom homes.
Our "bread and butter" was the ability to join two pieces of
moulding so that the joint was air tight and almost invisible
and to do this under the less than perfect conditions typical
wood frame construction presents.

In those days I was always asked by those who aspired to be
proficient at the business "What is the secret to making those
perfect joints?". "What special tool allows you to do that?"

I am sure that this scenario plays itself out in almost all
trades and businesses. The answer is invariably the same. There
is no secret - except the secret of being willing to put in the
time and committing oneself to the hard work and practise
necessary to learn and experience all of the variables involved.
Only after months and years of working at it every day will one
become proficient!

Needless to say, that is not the answer anyone wants to hear
but it is the only truthful answer. Those asking the questions
are always looking for an easy way - in the case of search
engine positioning - a special software program or service that
will do it all for them. There is no such thing.

There are however no shortage of those claiming their software
or service will do it all for you. I have tried most of them
over the years and , by themselves, none are up to the task
simply because the nature of the "task" changes day to day and
there is no substitute for a live human being who has the
knowledge and experience to do the optimization and follow the
correct submission procedures for each search engine.

The real secret to being able to successfully position web
sites in search engines is not software or a system. The real
secret behind successful search engine positioning is the
experience of the person doing the positioning and the hard work
that has already been done over a period of several years.

If you decide that you need help in your search engine
optimization and positioning then look for a person not a program.


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"What's really going on with your web site?" Defining your
primary goal and audience.

by Ralph Hilliard

With any good business plan, the defining of a primary goal
and primary audience goes hand in hand with deciding what
product or service you will market. However, with the flood
of entrepreneurs to the Internet, I have watched an interesting
reverse trend occur.

That trend goes something like this. Pick a product or service,
get a domain name, build a web site and then figure out who
will buy it.

I love the Internet and the ability it affords to even the
playing field between the big corporation and the home
entrepreneur, but the fact remains that sound business
practices such as defining the primary goal and audience works
the same on the Internet as they do off-line.

For this reason, it is a necessity to do your research before
one line of code is written, a domain name is chosen or a
single graphic is created. It's what I call "Defining before

Why do I emphasize this in a series of articles about web

Simply because every aspect of designing your web site will
flow out of the definition of your primary goal and primary
audience. If you have not done your homework in this area,
you can be sure your online venture will be like a ship with
no engine or sails, merely tossed about by the whims of the

Now onto the business of defining. Right up front I'll tell
you that "making money" is a lousy primary goal. Making money
is a result of setting and sticking to a good primary goal
and properly defining a primary audience.

Here are three elements to consider in your definitions.

1. A PRIMARY GOAL IS SINGULAR - It is just that, a primary
goal, not goals. I'm not saying that you can't have secondary
goals, but the key is picking a singular primary goal because
that's your beacon, your cornerstone in the design, without
it, the site crumbles.

Many new entrepreneurs approach the web with a "one-stop"
approach. I'm going to sell everything I've ever been
interested in to all people everywhere.

It's understandable how this happens. In offline marketing,
you are limited to space, be it a 15 second television spot
or a two sided brochure. The bottom line is that you have
limited space to sell yourself and by necessity, this
narrows the focus.

The Internet brings the new element of limitless space
to advertise. You really have more space than you will
ever need, so the tendency is to say something like, "In
addition to this marketing pamphlet, I think I'll sell
memberships to this timeshare vacation program, an affiliate
hosting program and maybe even this VCR since I just got a
DVD player. Keep in mind that your web site is not a garage

It feels good to dream you can sell everything to everyone,
but the truth is you'll be more successful selling one thing
very well to a specific group of people.

2. A PRIMARY GOAL IS SPECIFIC - I could define my primary
goal as "Selling books on the Internet" but does that
really help me make and decisions about what should be on
my web site?

I could define it as "Selling books using real-time processing
on the Internet". It's getting better, at least I now know
that I will need to get a merchant account, digital
certificate, SSL and a shopping cart on my site to make
"real-time" a reality.

I could define it as "Selling fishing books using real-time
processing on the Internet". Hey now we are getting somewhere,
or are we?

I could define it as "Selling fly-fishing books using real-time
processing on the Internet."

This could go on and it should. The more specific you can be,
the better.


The primary goal examples listed so far are missing at
least one element. The audience. A primary goal and
primary audience are inseparable. Let's add a primary audience
to the definition we have so far.

"Selling fly-fishing books to fishermen using real-time
processing on the Internet."

So we added our audience, 'fishermen'. Of course this is
still a vague and poor definition for a specific goal.

To cut to the chase, let me just finish this with what
I believe would be a good final definition for the primary
goal and audience for our fly-fishing book salesman.

"To sell fly-fishing books authored by Randall Kaufmann
to fly-fishing hobbyists who have subscribed to at least
one fly-fishing magazine within the past year. These books
will be sold solely over the Internet using real-time
processing and an automated fulfillment center."

Yes, it is quite okay to be this specific, you can always
approach wider audiences at a later date after you have
been successful with smaller ones.

I trust that you can see how this will assist you as you
begin to design a web site. Instead of approaching your
web site as a blank canvas that you have to creatively
fill, you have a very specific course of action.

>>From the definition above, I can see several things that
will be a must for this web site.

1. A bio for Randall Kaufmann, who he is and why his books
are the best on fly-fishing. A picture of Randall Kaufmann.

2. A collage of the major fly-fishing magazines with a caption
that reads something like "If you enjoyed your subscription
to these, wait until you get your hands on this fly fishing

3. Lots of keyword content full of fly-fishing, Randall
Kaufmann book titles and the fishing magazine names.

4. A graphical layout that captures the beauty and peace
of a running river, the fly-fisherman's paradise.

The defining of a primary goal and audience sets the tone
for your entire web site design. Give your web site design
and your business the preparation it demands and it will
demand much less from you in the future.

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