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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #49 - September 21, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Success with "Free Reports"
- Problems with Email Merge and Mailing List Programs
- Real Estate Software Discussion
- Tip Of The Day

Net Success

In the last issue,, I
mentioned that some agents reported no luck whatsoever with
using services that provide "Free Reports" for agents to provide
to their web site visitors. In short order I received this
response from Alan How....

"I don't agree with the picture you paint about Free Reports.
I have been producing Free Reports for about 2 years now and my
response rate has been astounding.

I used to sent them out for printing but the costs got to high,
so I now e-mail the reports.

I prepare Buyer & Seller Reports and in the process of writing
another 4 reports.

As an example only, I will receive on average 3 requests per
day. To date one of my reports has hit the milestone of 1500
copies. I am not in the publishing business, my business is real
estate. If these reports were not generating me business, I
would stop."

Note that Alan personalizes his own reports and does not use
one of the services that charge a fee. Alan kindly agreed to
share his secret to success with free reports with the readers
of this newsletter...

"1) The secret is very simple. Identify something about your
specific market or real estate product, which will create a
benefit in the mind of the subscriber.

I work in the Kawartha Lakes Area of Southern Ontario.
Cottages are a large part of my inventory. Buyers know about
houses, but very few are aware of the complications and issues
involved with cottage buying. This single newsletter has
generated over 1500 responses in 8 months.

2) Promote it outside of your website, place reference to your
Free Report in your daily or weekly advertising directing them
to your website.

3) Place an auto responder message once they have requested the
report telling them the report will be send to them with in 48

4) Send it by email...not conventional mail.

5) Follow up in one week with a list of other reports they find

6) Follow up weekly or monthly with new listings of properties
they may find of interest to them.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

The purpose of the Report is to collect email addresses so I can
target new listing inventory.

It works...I sell 75% of my inventory myself and 60-65% comes
from the internet buyers.

All these reports are available on my website
Check one out if you like.

It's not necessary to pay for this Free Reports Service.
Most reports can be picked up at all kinds of realty news, or
other agent sites just give them a buy-line with permission.

The key is to customize one or two to your specific market.
Make it relevant and different or why would a buyer or seller
deal with you.

Alan How


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)


When you are sending your newsletter or reports, are they
arriving in the format that they were sent - or worse yet, are
they being "eaten" by a spam filter on the recipients computer?

You may be surprised to know that both of these are likely if
the recipient of your newsletter or reports is using Microsoft
Outlook, one of the most popular email programs.

I found out the hard way that this is quite often the case if
you are using merge mail type emailers to personalize your
email. I have tried several different programs during the time I
have been producing this newsletter, and untill I personally
started to use Microsoft Outlook as my email client I was not
aware there was a problem.

Trust Microsoft to make an email program that interprets and
displays the email it receives in a manner that is not
consistent with other email client software!

In some cases, Outlook will display mail received from merge
programs as one long paragraph with everything jumbled together
making it impossible to read. This is especially the case if you
are using a web based email merge or mailing list program to
send your newsletter.

Microsoft Outlook also has a built in Spam Filter which is
programmed to automatically route email that matches a
predetermined "spam profile" to the junk mail bin - so the
recipient never even sees it. Microsoft has already set the
program so that email with certain characteristics are flagged
as Spam and it seems that many of the merge mail and mailing
list programs send out email the match the "spam profile". The
result? Many newsletters and reports are never seen by
recipients using Microsoft Outlook.

This is a serious problem if you are doing any sort of follow
up with internet leads or are doing database marketing.
Microsoft Outlook is included with Microsoft Office and comes
loaded with many new computers and is the runaway market leader
for business and word processing software.

I suggest you thoroughly investigate these issues before
committing to a email merge and mailing list program. The one
that I am now using, Mach5 Mailer, seems to work fine and also
allows you to send attachments.


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Tip Of The Day

"Do not go where the path may lead,
   but go where this is no path,
        and leave a trail."
                            - Les Brown

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