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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #48 - September 7, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

What can you do to generate more leads from your web site? We
are increasingly being bombarded by offers that are "guaranteed"
to provide leads or traffic from various companies and services.
Which ones works and which do not?

Are you offering "Free Reports" on your web site? Many web
page designers providing web sites to real estate agents base
their whole web site concept around "Free Reports" and of course
they tell anyone who will listen that offering "Free Reports" is
the path to riches on the Internet.

I tried offering Free Reports myself five years ago and had no
response whatsoever! Several members of the House and Home Real
Estate Page Program have also tried offering various Free
Reports and Lead Generating Systems on their web sites and have
had no success either.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to decline all of these offers
and put a small amount of money into something that IS
guaranteed to send targeted traffic to your web site. Whether
that traffic turns into leads or not will depend on the design
and focus of your web site and how you handle the inquiries -
but at least now there is a way to get targeted traffic -
guaranteed! Oh sure... I can hear you thinking! What is this
"guaranteed" way? Read on!

Spend a little money to "buy" your search engine positions for
the keywords that will send targeted traffic to your web site! I
don't recommend that you employ a search engine submission
service or hire someone to optimize your site to place well -
nothing like that at all! Now you can actually buy your top
search engine positions in several different search services -
so why not do it!

For quite a while now it has been possible to spend some money
to get your site reviewed for inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory.
I have never been a big fan of that opportunity since the cost
is $199 and there is no guarantee that your site will be listed -
just reviewed. Even so, if you want your site to be listed in
the Yahoo! Directory you will have to be prepared to pay
nowadays. When someone searches using Yahoo!, the directory
listings come up first ahead of the search engine results. So
being listed in the directory can place you ahead of the pack.

Recently the Looksmart Directory began charging for the
privilege of having your site reviewed for inclusion in their
Directory too. Looksmart has two price plans available - $199
for having your site reviewed within a few days or $49 for
having your site reviewed within several weeks. Once again, when
someone searches using Looksmart, the directory listings come up
first ahead of the search engine results placing you ahead of
the pack. But there are additional benefits to being listed in
the Looksmart Directory which are probably of even greater value!

When a search is performed on MSN Search the first results
presented are also from the Looksmart Directory so you can be at
the top of the list in the MSN Search Engine too! This is no
small potatoes as MSN Search is currently rated the #2 search
engine behind Yahoo! Looksmart also provides most of the
directory results for the Excite search engine.

Soon you will also be able buy your way to the very top of
several other search engines including AOL Netfind and Netscape
Search simply by bidding for one of the top 3 positions in which itself is rated one of the top 10 search engines.
Agreements have recently been announced that will result in providing the top 3 results presented on any search
performed on AOL and Netscape. results are also
included in other search services such as Dogpile, so there is
an incredible opportunity here especially since you will only
pay for each visitor who actually visits your site from one of
these search engines.

You may also want to consider putting a little money aside for
Inktomi's new paid placement service which is to begin later
this month. Inktomi provides search results for several search
engines including HotBot, IcqIt and, and provides
secondary results for several others including,
Looksmart, and

In his case the payment is not for search positions but a
little like "protection money". Payment will guarantee that you
will remain in their index and not be dropped a couple of weeks
after you have finally been listed which has been the norm for
months and months now - at least for new sites.

So there you have it! You really can spend money that will
generate targeted traffic to your web site. So, next time you
are presented with the opportunity to sign up for another lead
generating system or "Free Reports" system - save your money.
Spend it where results are a sure thing - on top search engine

For members of the House and Home Real Estate Page Program the
implementation and management of the above mentioned programs is
available to you at no charge. You just have to pay the amount
the search engine charges for their service. Just let us know if
you want to take advantage of any or all of the "pay for
position" programs and we will take care of everything for you.

In fact, this is the preferable method as we will ensure the
submissions are keyworded properly for maximum benefit! We will
even pay the search engines for you and then bill the amount to
you on your regular monthly management invoice as long as your
account is up to date.


The House and Home Real Estate Page for your area is a proven
effective web presence system and comes as a fully managed
turnkey package and is continuously updated to conform to the
changing criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep
nights and concentrate on selling real estate! Check it out at
Realtor Websites

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presence and promotion service! If you are considering
marketing your services on the Internet, why not have the #1
web presence in your area?


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