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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #47 - July 27, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Develop an Effective Internet Presence Part 3
- Having Multiple Web Sites May Harm Your Internet Success
- Penny's Internet Success And Why She Is So Successful
- Online Automation System
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Net Success

Develop an Effective Internet Presence Part 3

The internet is constantly evolving and if you desire an
effective internet presence you must be prepared to change your
previously held ideas along with it.

Once idea that has been around for as long as the internet
itself is that if having one web site is good then having two or
three or more web sites must be better! This used to be true but
that may no longer be the case for most real estate agents today.

In fact, having more than one web site may now actually result
in your having less success on the internet - not more! This
must sound like "crazy talk" to most of you but keep reading as
there are some very important reasons why this is true.

Aside from the danger of being banned from some spidering
search engines such as Altavista for spamming their index with
similar web pages, there are some fairly new developments that
will be detrimental to your internet success if not managed

That is the key - managing your internet presence.
Unfortunately very few, if any real estate agents actually have
the knowledge to manage their internet presence. This article
will tell you what you need to know to make sure your multiple
web sites are not going to drag you down!

The problem begins with how some search engines now get their
search results. When you mix that with how web sites are
submitted - it can be like giving children matches to play with!

Many of you are familiar with the Open Directory Project (ODP)
at which is also called the Netscape
Directory. This human edited directory of internet sites is now
used by almost all of the major search engines in some capacity.

Some, like AltaVista, HotBot, Netscape, Lycos, and Google, use
the Open Directory as "their" directory. In other words, when
you are looking for something in the HotBot Directory you are
actually looking in the Open Directory. That in itself is not a

What is a problem is that an increasing number of major search
engines spider the Open Directory listings to obtain their own
search results. When you search AOL Search the first results
presented are all from the Open Directory. The same is the case
for Google and now Yahoo! (web pages section). Hotbot presents
Open Directory results right after the first ten results (which
are provided by Direct Hit).

When the Open Directory Project was just beginning it was
possible to be listed more than once in different categories but
this is now frowned upon and those multiple listings are being
deleted as the editors are becoming more knowledgeable. It also
used to be possible to have keywords in you listing title but
those listings are being edited so that just the agent's name
and company are presented. Since the Open Directory lists real
estate agents and not their web sites it is now only possible to
have one of your web sites listed.

If that one listed web site is not your productive web site you
will find that your business will be down because you will not
have good search engine positioning in Yahoo, Google, and
probably HotBot. You will also be wasting all of those directory
listings in search engines that use the Open Directory as their
own. In total, this can add up to a devastating loss of leads if
you have the wrong web site listed in ODP!

And, in most cases, it is the wrong site that ends up being
listed in ODP. That first "el cheapo" site that you started with
- the one that never sent you a single lead - is usually the one
that has been listed in ODP. Now you may have a new web site
that actually works but the webmaster can't list it in ODP
because your spot is taken (wasted) by the non producing web

If you have multiple webmasters you may find that your main
site that was sending you business has now been replaced by one
of your new web sites that you bought simply because you thought
it was better to have more web sites. Since your main site is no
longer listed your leads are now down - now you know why!

What can you do? Try and have your listing in the Open
Directory point to your most effective web site. If you are
unable to have the listing changed - then change that web site
by having visitors automatically forwarded to your productive
web site.

More importantly, it is imperative that you take charge of your
internet presence. This is a case where "too many chefs spoil
the broth" - and it can cost you big time! There should just be
one person responsible for your search engine and directory
submissions - not more. You will find that the most effective
internet presence can be found by having a webmaster who is
aware of these issues and can help you manage your internet
presence to ensure maximum benefit.

Tips on evaluating webmasters and producing an effective web
presence can be found in parts one and two of this series on
Develop an Effective Internet Presence at and
and in other past issues of this newsletter available online at


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I received this the other day...

Just to brag a little...In the past three weeks I have sold the
following as a direct result of my site:-

1 $290,000 They had contacted another Realtor whose site
also appears high in the search engines. He sent them a package
of info via courier, I had sent an immediate e-mail asking for
more information. I sent Feature sheets of homes via HOTSEND the
phoned them. That was last week and they came on Monday and
bought the house!

2. $162,500. I had been following up with them for about 5
months while they got their home on the market..sold it and came
to buy.

3. $184,500 Again these folks contacted me and the scenario
was as above!

4..I am taking people out tomorrow who contacted me via the
site about 4 months ago, they arrived in town yesterday and
we are off to buy a house tomorrow.

I had a call this evening from a couple who were looking at the
site as we spoke on the phone and they are arriving on Monday!

Thank you Doug for an excellent job of promoting the site and
helping me make money. It is successful beyond my wildest dreams.

You may quote me on the following. "Yours is the only bill I
don't mind paying each month"


Penny is successful for a few reasons - all of which have been
repeatedly recommended in past issues of this newsletter.

1) Penny has an effective web presence system.
2) Penny checks her email several times a day and follows up
with a personal email reply and not an auto responder.
3) Penny send prospects the requested information and listings
by email.
4) Penny follows up with a phone call.
5) Penny then follows up with the prospect until they are ready
to buy or sell!

The internet is about building relationships and that is what
Penny does very well using the 5 points mentioned above. Way to
go Penny!


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