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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #46 - July 13, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Develop an Effective Internet Presence Part 2
- What is Wrong With This Picture?
- Do You Need Your Listings On Your Site To Be Successful?
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Net Success

In issue 39 of this newsletter there was an article titled
"Develop an Effective Internet Presence". The article covered
assessing web site designers and the importance of search engine
positioning and linking.
(see )

A letter I received this week prompts me to write part 2.
Past issues of this newsletter are filled tons of information
about the technical aspects of building a web site and also on
how to handle leads generated from the internet. But what if you
spend countless months developing a web site and have half
decent search engine positioning but never receive any leads at

This is a lot more common than one would think. You can have an
award winning, easy to navigate web site with good informative
content - a site that makes it easy for prospects to contact
you and have better than average search engine positioning - and
you may seldom have anyone contact you as a result of visiting
your site!

With freely available software, any child can now produce an
internet site - herein lies part of the problem. Agents now have
all of the tools to produce a web site at their finger tips and
most seem to relish the task of doing just that. Unfortunately,
that may not be the best thing for their internet business or
their conventional business! (see "Get Off The Computer And Get
Back To Work!" in issue 24 )

I received a solicitation (a polite way of saying spam) in the
mail the other day as I am sure many of you did that promised a
complete automatic real estate system. I don't usually follow up
on such letters but it seemed to tie right in to the problems
many agents are having with a lack of any response at all from
their web site - so I checked it out.

The web site claimed that "Surveys from top agents all over the
country show the #1 item they want in a dream web site is an
automatic, no thinking, no effort way to follow up with their
leads, and most of all, they want it EASY TO USE! . They gave us
a specific list of the absolute "MUSTS" for their dream web
site. Well guess what, IT'S ALL HERE!"

Yikes! What is wrong with that picture? It turns out that
agents want to be able to fiddle to their hearts content with
their web site - personally make changes at 3:00 am - but want a
computer to do all the follow up with prospects? I am afraid to
say that is totally backwards!

It would be far better to leave the website in the hands of a
proven professional and spend the time saved personally
following up with the leads. That is the path to true internet

Firstly, the internet is a communications medium and real
estate agents have to use it to build a relationship with a
prospect. Using autoresponders and automatic follow up emailers
with canned messages will not do that.

Secondly, an agents time is far better spent belly to belly
with buyers and sellers and not sitting in front of a computer
screen day after day trying to tweak a web site to discover the
secret of making it productive.

I have yet to see an "edit it yourself" web site system that
has the essentials that will give an agent an effective internet
presence. I have seen very few "self produced" web sites that
are effective either - with the exception of some that are
several years old and the agent has had the benefit of a few
years of learning and "tweaking".

Agents can spend months (or years) working on their web site
before they achieve an effective internet presence (or even a
single lead) and go broke in the process of trying to save a
comparatively small amount of money. Seems "penny wise and
dollar foolish" doesn't it?

Seek out a webmaster or designer who already has a proven track
record in helping real estate agents be successful on the
internet and spend your time working with buyers and sellers! An
effective internet site can be a very good generator of income
and every month gambled on an unproven concept costs way more
money than would ever be spent on a proven system.

Part one of this article covers how to evaluate a webmaster or
designer -



Do you need to advertise your listings on your web site in
order to enjoy success from your web site? Those web designers
whose whole concept is built around a listing system would have
you believe so.

In fact that is not the case at all. Even though the House and
Home Real Estate Page sites come with an excellent free do-it-
yourself listing system, about half of the members choose not
advertise their personal listings on their site (or work
exclusively with buyers) and enjoy the same success as members
who do.

I recently stepped back from being an active REALTOR in order
to devote my undivided energy to ensuring the success of my web
clients. Gord Kawecki, who took over operation of the House and
Home Winnipeg Real Estate Page site from me a couple of months
ago had six sales in June from the web and he does not have any
of his listings advertised on his site!

If you are not enjoying success from your internet site, the
fact that you do not have any of your listings advertised is NOT
the reason - it's time to look elsewhere.


The House and Home Real Estate Page for your area is a proven
effective web presence system and comes as a turnkey package and
is continuously updated to conform to the changing criteria
required by search engines - so you can sleep nights and
concentrate on selling real estate! Check it out at
Websites for Real Estate Agents

* Only ONE agent per market area is eligible for this total web
presence and promotion service! If you are considering
marketing your services on the Internet, why not have the #1
web presence in your area?

Hurry! Before someone else takes this opportunity in your area!


A great resource for anyone who is interested in improving
their internet success can be found in the back issues of this
newsletter! They are all available online at


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)

Send submissions to

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This and That

Search Engine News

Yahoo's web pages search results are now being provided by

That is good news for the House and Home Real Estate Page web
sites which tend to rank in the top 10 with Google. As well,
web sites listed in Google seem to stay in the index for a long
time while Inktomi, which previously powered Yahoo's results,
was known for dropping sites on a regular basis.

To rank well in the new Yahoo!, think link! Sites with good
link popularity rank well in Google. Not just any link will do
however! Link pages that are generated from a database (with a
"?" in the URL) can't be indexed by search engines so will be
of little help. (Most of the "edit-it-yourself" type of sites
are generated from databases.) Link farms or "buddy links" are
not effective as the theme and popularity of the site containing
the link counts in the ranking and since the sites are diverse
there is no benefit.

So, for maximum effect, look for other quality sites with a
similar theme to your own to exchange links. You can use the
new Link Exchange Forum at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea
Center to seek out others to
exchange links with!

Tip Of The Day

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there. - Edwin Louis Cole

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