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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #45 - June 29, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

Jim Lee, one of our moderators at the Agents Online Real Estate
Webmaster Forum
, is a graduate of Nar's
first E-Pro Certification course. He has set up an Alumni Forum
for graduates to discuss their experiences with the course.

Having checked Jim's forum and a few other sources, the
"executive summary" seems to be that the level of satisfaction
with the course depends on the amount of previous experience one
has with the internet. Some feel it is a waste of $300 to be
shown how to send email and others say they found the course

Right now, there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether or
not those who have taken the course are allowed to display the E-
Pro logo on their web sites - which all were under the
impression before taking the course that this would be allowed.

It seems that, like it or not, simply the fact that the
certification is being offered by NAR ensures that there will be
no shortage of REALTORS who feel they have to take the course to
remain competitive.

I personally think that the designation will be useful for
agents looking to refer to an accomplished internet agent (or at
least one who has shown some interest beyond obtaining an email

I don't think having the logo on one's web site - if in fact
that is allowed - will result in an increase in business from
the general public. On the Internet, prospects generally don't
care to know too much about the agent untill after the agent has
provided them with the information being sought - which is what
the E-Pro course teaches. So, you will have already demonstrated
to the prospect that you have the E-Pro skills before they ever
notice the logo or understand what it represents.


Currently many forums like the E-Pro Alumni
Association's forum mentioned above have all of their
discussions available for public view. This makes some feel
uncomfortable discussing contentious issues which are better
kept among the participants.

There is no charge for this service.


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This and That

Search Engine News

Yahoo! has announced that it is ending it's relationship with
Inktomi and it's search results will soon be powered by Google.

That is good news for some as web sites listed in Google seem
to stay in the index for a long time while Inktomi is known for
dropping sites on a regular basis.

To rank well in the new Yahoo!, think link! Sites with good
link popularity rank well in Google. Not just any link will do
however! Link pages that are generated from a database (with a
"?" in the URL) can't be indexed by search engines so will be of
little help. Link farms are not effective as the theme and
popularity of the site containing the link counts in the ranking.

So, for maximum effect, look for other quality sites with a
similar theme to your own to exchange links. You can use the new
Link Exchange Forum at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center to seek out others to exchange links

Tip Of The Day

There are two essential basic strategies for success in
business: 1. Never reveal all you know

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