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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #44 - June 15, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

The following is another article that was recently submitted.
Although not real estate specific, the points it makes is
certainly true for marketing yourself on the internet or
anywhere for that matter.

While reading it, think about what kind of first impression you
are making with your marketing.

The Inspiring Tale of Terry The Window Sales Man ...
.. Proof That First Impressions Really Do Count!

Want to hear something that will really blow you away?

When I heard this tale I literally jumped in the air and
shouted, "YES!" because I had discovered the reason why so
many people are DOOMED to failure... before they even start!

Hopefully after you've heard this short story, it will have
the same impact on you. In the next 500 or so words, you'll
discover why 95% of people fail in Internet Marketing and why
YOU MUST follow this simple principle to succeed. Ready?

Ok, so let's begin....

Allow me to introduce you to Terry, a window sales man from
England. If I take you back about 20 years, you'd know Terry
as a complete newbie... a not-long-since teenager who was wet
behind the ears in just about everything that he attempted.

The kind of person who couldn't sell false teeth to his own
Granny, let alone compete with the other sales men in the
industry. You know, the kind who could sell snow to Eskimos.

So to add a twist to the scenario, Terry's boss decides to
send him out on a practical field trip on his first day. He
throws him right in at the deep end by asking him to visit
an interested prospect at the posh end of town... where the
big money is in Windows/Double-glazing sales. So off he goes..

He's as nervous as hell. With his hands shaking and his knees
nobbling, he approaches the front door and thuds the door
knocker several times. An oldish woman approaches and after
his first shaking introduction, she invites him in.

He stays there for over 3 hours.... after dozens of cups of
tea and mounds of biscuits, the woman signs a contract and
purchases over £7000 worth of windows (that's over $11,000!)

And Here's The REAL Kicker....

The woman had already spoken with 6 other dynamite glazing
salesmen that week... and ALL of them offered a cheaper
quote! That's right - Terry's price was the MOST expensive.
He was also the most inexperienced sales man there ever was.

So what happened in the background, and moreover, how can
you replicate these powerful sales abilities to step up a
notch on your own profit ladder? Here comes the secret....

The woman said, "She liked the young lad more than the others".

That's ALL there been to it. She didn't care about the extra
expense. Even the other slick salesmen couldn't persuade her
to pay LESS than this young chap was asking for.

The truth is, this lad's first impression shone brighter than
any of the sales talk the others subjected the old woman to.
First impressions count, and this young lad's courtesy
attitude, politeness and likability are what closed the sale.

Not the sales hype. Not the low prices with the gigantic
over-hyped benefits. But the actual 'personality' and
'impression' that the kid gave was all that was required.

If you market your own products and services on the Internet,
consider what impression you're giving to your prospects.
If you appeal to them, then you've already done half of the
work. If this means redesigning your website, then so be it.

If this means going out of your way to be polite, helpful and
give the best possible shopping experience, then so be it.

Is it really too much work to secure your own sales?
I'll leave you to ponder on that thought.

Until next time,

Gary Hanley.

Let your online impression shine brighter than a 6am
sunrise with our pre-developed $24,000 super site. Author
Gary Hanley is ready to amaze both you and your prospects
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David and Jacqueline Dolyyny were kind enough to end this:

"The Dumber than Dirt Award"...

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years! It gets better....this couple was so pleased with the
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are "happily" referring three other family members who will also
be buying this year!

I would also like to comment on the Web Master, Doug Towes. He
is a complete pro. Incredibly patient, helpful and knowledgeable
about what it takes to succeed on the internet in Real Estate.
He not only does what he says he is going to do, he does it
promptly & professionally. It is a pleasure to deal with a
competent business person who cares about the quality of service
they provide.

Even if you already have a web site...I would place a bet that
you aren't getting the results that we are enjoying.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our
experiences with this site. Jacqueline Dolynny


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