Search Engine Positioning - Which Real Estate Keywords?

THE LEADERS POST - Issue #41 - May 4, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

Unless you have millions of dollars to spend on marketing -
search engine positioning, as we all know, is the number one
factor in determining the success or failure of a web site.

Good positioning for what keywords? Recently, companies who
provide web sites and/or search engine submission services have
been using examples of their search engine successes in their
promotional material in efforts to attract new business.

More often than not the keywords they use for their
demonstrations are not the same keywords a prospective visitor
to your web site would enter into the search engines. What
appears on the surface to be good search engine positioning is
really not.

What keywords do people use when searching the internet?
For real estate the most popular keywords used are always the
city followed by the words "real estate" - for example, for
people searching for real estate in Orlando FL., the most
popular keyword used by internet searchers is "orlando real
estate" (almost always in lower case as well).

If you switch the words around to "real estate orlando" you
will find that only about one tenth as many searches are
performed using those keywords! The same holds true for just
about any other keyword combination you can think of - including
any combination using the word "realtor".

So, if a web designer or submission company shows you a report
of search engine positions for a long list of keywords - it may
look impressive at first glance. But the truth is that rankings
for most of the keywords used in the demonstration are non -
competitive and generate little traffic. If the rankings are not
great for "yourcity real estate", it is a waste of money.

A good example of a proven effective web presence system for
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Tip Of The Day

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