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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #37 - March 9, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Agents and email - a personal experience
- Save your money - don't bother!
- If you are not doing it who is?
- Internet Security - secure your computer!
- Another email virus to look out for
- Search Engine News
- Tip Of The Day

Net Success

This weekend we are showing homes to a couple of groups of out-
of-towners as a results of our internet web presence. That in
itself is nothing unusual - but I thought the story behind one
of the couples would be of interest.

These folks are actually returning to the city after selling
their home here a couple of years ago. About a month ago they
contacted us by email and around the same time they emailed the
agent who had sold their home for them when they left town a
couple of years ago.

We responded and followed up once a week. Their previous agent
(who also has a web site) did not respond. They said "forget
him!" and will be buying through us.

Once again the moral of the story: People use internet e-mail
and it will cost REALTORS money who fail to possess it, to read
it, or to treat it in a serious manner.


It seems that every single day a new real estate site appears
that tries to part agents from their hard earned money. The
majority of these sites are directories of some form or another
and want to charge you to be listed. Often, to add some urgency,
areas are restricted to a certain number of agents.

For agents there is very little benefit to be gained from any
of these sites. If the directory doesn't come up when searching
for "yourcity real estate" in at least one major search engine -
likely nobody will find it at all. Save your money. For more
experiences regarding real estate directories, see


- The Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center is probably the most
active independent Real estate Community on the web. There are
always lots of interesting and informative discussions going on with
a minimum of spam and solicitations to wade through - check it out!

If you are not doing it who is?

Is your web site being properly promoted? Is it "findable" in
the major search engines? Why would anyone choose to bookmark
your site over the hundreds of other sites that begin to look
identical to someone browsing the web?

With all the web sites to compete with in your area, it is more
important than ever to set yourself apart from the competition.
You are competing with those other web sites for search engine
positioning and also competing to have visitors "bookmark" your
site for return visits.

You need a unique and informative web site - one where it is
immediately apparent to a visitor that it is different from all
the others. You need a web site that is working for you!

In order for a real estate web site to be effective certain
design considerations must be taken into account and there must
be a system in place for properly promoting and positioning the
web site in major search engines and directories.

When comparing web sites, you really have to read between the
lines sometimes in order to really understand what you are
getting for your money. Ask these questions:

1)Does the fee include a total web presence and promotion

2)Does the fee include hosting the web site?

3)Does the fee cover changes and editing of content on your

4)Does the fee cover search engine submission? Just once? Once
a month?

5)Does the fee cover ongoing changes to your site to adapt your
site to changes search engines are making in how they rank sites?

6)Does the fee cover the design and production of "doorway"
pages that act as pointers to your site in the search engines?

7)Does the webmaster take the initiative in determining when
and what changes and additions are necessary to improve search
engine positioning?

8)With Link Popularity an important factor in how a web site
ranks in many search engines, does the site have a page for
exchanging links with other agents?

All of the above are extremely important if you want to have
any chance at all in having your web site become a generator of
business. The problem is that in most cases only 3 or 4 of the
above are covered by the monthly fee charged by webmasters and
real estate web site providers.

The House and Home Real Estate Page sites come as a turnkey
package and are continuously updated to conform to the changing
criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep nights
and concentrate on selling real estate! Check it out at
Realtor Websites

* Only ONE agent per market area is eligible for this total web
presence and promotion service! If you are considering marketing
your services on the Internet, why not have the #1 web presence
in your area?

Hurry! Before someone else takes this opportunity in your area!


For the past month or so I have been repeatedly warned about
the dangers of intruders accessing my computer through the
internet. I didn't think this was too serious a problem as I do
not use 'Always-On' internet connectivity via DSL or Cable Modem
connections. All of the warnings I have seen have mentioned such
users are particularly at risk.

I was sure surprised when after installing a personal firewall
I discovered there were attempts being made to access my
computer every day!

I think you may be surprised too! Some of the intrusions can be
attributed to advertising companies trying to access your
personal info, which is an invasion of privacy but not
necessarily a danger to your data. But other attempted
intrusions are the result of folks with more sinister intentions.

Check it out for yourself - get Zonelab's ZoneAlarm - a FREE
program that provides absolute protection against any type of
unauthorized connections to your computer - whether from within
your own network or from the Internet itself.

In essence, ZoneAlarm constantly monitors all 64+ thousand TCP
ports on a Windows machine, plus all NetBios, PPP and File and
Printer Sharing sessions. If any attempt is made to connect your
machine with another - whether from a program installed on your
computer, from a server outside your machine or another computer
within your own internal network - ZoneAlarm knows about it and
instantly stops any such connections that you have not


Virus Alert!!

In the last few days I have received several emails with the
file Pretty Park.EXE attached.

This is an Internet worm that installs on Windows 9x/NT
systems. It arrives via email from affected users who have also
run this Internet worm. It sometimes appears as an icon of a
character from the animated comedy series "Southpark".

DO NOT OPEN, or DOUBLE CLICK this file. Do Not forward it on
to anyone else.

This worm will try to email itself automatically every 30
minutes to all email addresses listed in the Windows address
book associated with Outlook Express. Perform both a delete on
the email, then empty your Trash bin immediately.


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)

This and That

Search Engine News

It has been reported that because of past abuses Yahoo! has
stopped listing real estate agent sites in it's web directory
section. I do know from past experience that it has been next
to impossible to have a new real estate site listed in the

Real estate is an industry that probably generates one of
largest number of web sites but you would not know it by
searching Yahoo!. I have been following the new listings on
Yahoo! and have noticed that only .3% to .5% are real estate

All of the new listings that I have seen are stripped of any
keywords that would cause the listing to show up in a search -
which also means even if you do get listed there is not as much
benefit as there used to be.

So, if you were listed in Yahoo! Directory section in the past,
consider yourself lucky. If you have been unable to have your
real estate web site listed in Yahoo! - don't worry about it too
much as the benefit is not that great anymore.

Tip Of The Day

Things don't go wrong, they simply happen. - Jacob Ghitis

  "Character is like a tree, and reputation like its shadow.
   The shadow is what we think of it: the tree is the real
                        - Anonymous

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