Realtors and Email - How The Public See Us

THE LEADERS POST - Issue #35 - February 10, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Agents and email - how the public see us
- More on sending attachments to AOL users
- Using the "vCard"
- Palm V
- Get your password to the new "Back to Basics" forum
- Three new House and Home Real Estate Page sites
- Search Engine News
- Tip Of The Day

Net Success

This was sent to my local real estate board, but I bet it the
same thing is happening in your city as well...

"In the last 5 days, I've probably sent 15 email messages to
various REALTORS in the local area - all of them asking follow
up questions about properties that I had seen on the MLS listing
site. I don't live in town, but will be transferred there in a
very short time. None of the people who have had the
opportunity to get my business have taken it - not even one
response. I'll bet that at least one of those individuals is
sitting in a coffee shop right now, (complaining) about how bad
business is these days. And that person had a cash purchaser
only a mouse click away."

An agent I know saw this notice, contacted the real estate
board for the writers email address and sent them an email. She
will be showing them houses next week!

The moral of the story: People use internet e-mail and it may
cost REALTORS money who fail to possess it, to read it, or to
treat it in a serious manner.


Carolyne Lederer passed this on to
me regarding sending attachments to AOL users...

"As usual AOL causes problems for doing business on the web.
You need to instruct your mail recipient to click on down load.
When it asks where to down load have them change it to
"desktop". Then they will have (info)right on top to find
easily. Then they shrink or sign off AOL and double click the
file on their desktop."

I don't know if this is still the case with AOL's new software,
but it is also worth remembering to never send multiple
attachments to AOL users - just send a single attachment or
else they will not receive ANY attachments. Also, make sure your
email program encodes the attachment using MIME and not UUENCODE or
BASE 64.


From George Farkas,

"You should give a short tutorial on the benefits of Microsoft
Outlook and the 'vCard'. Once you fill in the information and
enable it as e-mail attachments, all a receiver has to do is
double click on it and you are automatically entered into their
address book along with all the information. If you want to be
a little sneaky, you can put a . (period) ahead of your name and
if the person has a palm pilot that they sync with you
magically will float to the top of the address book in the palm

FWIW, I purchased the Palm V just before Xmas and it is
NICE........ had Quicken lite, address book, day timer and will
down load e-mails (truncates the long ones) from my lap top and
also has a built in calculator...... saves have to lug my lap
top everywhere...... can use it now just for listing
appointments....... the Palm was under $300US at
Also, it is supposed to be capable of importing ASCII delimited
info as well, so I plan to also import all my data from On Line
Software in as well."

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the Palm also works with
Top Producer - which has come out with program specifically for
the Palm. It works great, but only if your palm has lots of RAM -
with 8 mb it works terrific - with 2 mb it is not worth


Once your site is up and running how will it generate business
for you? As many agents have discovered it will not - unless it
is designed to do so right from the start as well!

Remember the "Personal Brochure"? It was all the rage a few
years ago. Even those who promoted the use of Personal Brochures
admitted that it had little value in attracting new business.

The major use of a Personal Brochure is to build and reinforce
your profile to those who have already met or contacted you from
another source.

If your web site is basically a personal brochure - that is, if
it is mostly about you and what you do - you can expect the same
sort of results - very little or no new business.
Most, if not all agents, start with this type of site - and
after a year or so of no results they start the quest for a site
that will actually generate leads.

That search has led many to the Results-net House and Home Real
Estate Page program which has proven to be a successful
generator of new leads for the member agents. You can check it
out at Real Estate Website Design

Just one is produced for each market area, and it is totally
different from any other agent web site. The site comes as a
turnkey package and are continuously updated to conform to the
changing criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep
nights and concentrate on selling real estate!

The House and Home Page Real Estate Sites also rank well within
all of the major search engines!


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)

This and That

Search Engine News

Infoseek/ will no longer be a major search engine! No
longer does the site want to be all things to all people. It
will now focus on entertainment and recreation.

Walt Disney Co. plans to reposition its Web portal
(formerly the search engine known as Infoseek) as an
entertainment and leisure destination, in what seems an
acknowledgment that the entertainment giant's Web venture is
unable to challenge stalwarts like Yahoo! Inc. as a general-
interest portal.

Now Disney is recasting GO in a way that it hopes will reflect
the strengths of Disney itself. The revamped portal will focus
on four main areas: entertainment, recreation, leisure and

The strategic shift means that some categories featured on the
GO Network portal will likely be curtailed, if not completely
eliminated. Early candidates for elimination are topic areas
like small business and careers, which don't naturally fit with
the new leisure focus. The changes will likely happen over time,
rather than in one dramatic relaunch.

Infoseek/ has not been adding submitted web sites to it's
search engine for several months now. They have stated that
submissions are being "stored" and at a future date will be
subject to "editorial revue" before being added - no doubt to
check if the submission falls into the entertainment/leisure

So, if you have been unable to have your real estate web site
listed in Infoseek/ - now you know why!


Tip Of The Day

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and
they will show themselves great. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you ramble on through life, brother, whatever be your goal:
keep you eyes upon the donut, and not upon the hole! - Murray

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