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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #30 - December 2, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

What is the single most important factor in determining how
successful you will be in converting your web site leads into
actual business? The answer is the same as it is in traditional
real estate prospecting... it all depends on how successful you
are in developing a relationship with the prospect!

The Platinum Rule, which states "Treat people as they would
like to be treated." is the key to building any relationship.

Building a relationship with prospects online starts even
before prospects actually visit your web site.

Their first impression of you and your web site is often
garnered from your title and description listed in one of the
major search engines. Make sure that the description, which in
most cases is controlled by your Description Meta Tag, offers
them what they are looking for - an informative and helpful
destination that is targeted to their needs.

Once prospects arrive at your web site, their first impression
should reinforce the fact that the web site is an informative
and helpful destination. The first things prospects want to see
is not necessarily your smiling face along with a list of your

Sites that offer free, valuable information of interest to the
real estate prospect are more likely to keep people at their
site and earn repeat visitors. You can earn your potential
customer's respect and confidence by sharing your hard-earned
knowledge and increase the likelihood of them contacting you
for help.

So far so good! Now visitors are pretty sure that you are the
person that can provide them with the assistance they require
and they decide to contact you! This is where it can all fall

Most often, that initial contact will be by email or by the
submission of a fill-in form on your site. Your response will
most often determine whether the developing relationship will
flourish or die a quick death!

To establish trust you must give them what they want - respond
by email with a quick and friendly PERSONAL response. BE FOR
REAL! People have a tendency to perceive Internet as populated
by nameless, faceless entities. It's easy to do as the medium
lends itself to being impersonal.

A prospect can't build a relationship with an autoresponder,
and in many cases having your assistant respond to email doesn't
work very well either if your assistant can't provide the
necessary expertise.

Most importantly, you have to be prepared to provide the
prospect with the information they ask for. On the internet,
that information is easily available elsewhere with a click of a
mouse. If you make it too difficult for them to obtain what they
want they will get it from someone else. Remember, on the
internet you have to "give to get".

If you have given the prospect what they want up to this point,
you will have cleared the major hurdles and can continue to
nurture the relationship and reap the rewards just like you have
been doing for years in your conventional real estate business!

At this point, if you have their telephone number, a follow up
phone call will allow you to cement the relationship and help
you to better determine their needs. Nowadays the internet has
become less of a novelty and more a part of our daily lives and
most prospects are happy to provide you with their phone number
if asked.

I have found that in most cases leads obtained from the
internet are just beginning their process, and most will not
turn into a paid transaction for a few months. It is paramount
that a good relationship be established and maintained if an
internet prospect is going to become a client or customer.

To be successful on the internet just remember the Platinum Rule!


Once your site is up and running and the traffic is flowing,
how will it generate business for you? As many agents have
discovered it will not - unless it is designed to do so right
from the start as well!

Remember the "Personal Brochure"? It was all the rage a few
years ago. Even those who promoted the use of Personal Brochures
admitted that it had little value in attracting new business.

The major use of a Personal Brochure is to build and reinforce
your profile to those who have already met or contacted you from
another source.

If your web site is basically a personal brochure - that is, if
it is mostly about you and what you do - you can expect the same
sort of results - very little or no new business.

Most, if not all agents, start with this type of site - and
after a year or so of no results they start the quest for a site
that will actually generate leads.

That search has led many to the House and Home Real
Estate Page program which has proven to be a successful
generator of new leads for the member agents. You can check it
out at Websites for Realtors

Just one is produced for each market area, and it is totally
different from any other agent web site. The site comes as a
turnkey package and are continuously updated to conform to the
changing criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep
nights and concentrate on selling real estate!

The House and Home Page Real Estate Sites also rank well within
all of the major search engines!


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)

Send submissions to -
suggestions may also be left at the Agents Online Real Estate
Idea Center in the Newsletter Suggestions Forum.

Happenings At

RNC Internet Services on is pleased to announce
a new, High Performance, House and Home Real Estate Page site -
the House and Home Albuquerque Real Estate

The new site is comprehensive and interactive with over 30 pages
of content, featuring online home searches and evaluations,
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on site.

The House and Home Page Real Estate sites have proven effective,
are search engine friendly, and have the design and content
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So why spend countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to
reinvent the wheel? Why not have the #1 real estate web site
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There are five different formats to choose from, but only one
House and Home Real Estate Page is produced for each market
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Your Success Is Our Business!


A change in the software now allows for more than one moderator
for each forum at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center.

Moderators have the ability to post announcements, edit and
remove messages, and are notified by email each time someone
posts to their forum. They are often viewed as a leader and/or
expert in their forum.

As well, the moderators name appears on the topic list page in
their forum. Moderators also receive a FREE listing as the
exclusive agent for their area listed in the pull-down menus at
the top of every page at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea

There is now a program in place to submit all the messages to
the major search engines on a monthly basis which will increase
traffic - and help promote you!

Moderators may be removed if they don't actively attempt to
encourage discussion. There are no hard and fast rules, but if a
moderator doesn't post a message for two months - they probably
have forgotten they are a moderator and may be removed.

This And That

Remember to list your web site in as many local directories as
possible. Search out web sites that provide information about
happenings in your market area and if they have a local business
directory make sure you are in it!

In most cases this is something you must do for yourself. Most
often your webmaster will ensure you are listed in the major
internet search engines and directories but it is up to you to
seek out the smaller local ones.

Most are free and they all send traffic to your site.


Search Engine News

AltaVista is still screwed up. Many sites disappeared during
the "re-launch" at the beginning of November and, with the
exception of one or two days, they have not been adding
submitted sites to the index since then as well. (Infoseek) still is not adding new submissions either.
This has been going on for a couple of months now.

Lycos debuted a new look as well. If you previously ranked well
in Lycos that may no longer be the case. They are now displaying
Direct Hit results first and then a mixture of Open Directory
and Lycos spidered results.


October 15, 1999 . The Washington Post (USA) – "Think of all
the time you spend clicking aimlessly or fruitlessly around the
Web. At the Hunger Site, one
click actually accomplishes something: It sends a serving of
food to a starving person, at no cost to you.

Corporate sponsors provide the food in exchange for free
advertisement and links. Since its June 1 start-up, the site has
sent enough money to the United Nations' World Food Program to
purchase more than 4 million servings of dietary staples; a WFP
official calls it 'an extraordinary testimony to the power of
the Internet.'

The privacy-protected site is run without profit by John Breen,
an Indiana software programmer who initially wanted to support
Third World education but decided hunger was the priority.
starvation kills 24,000 people daily, most of them children."

Tip Of The Day

"Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free.
Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the
ultimate." -- Chuang Tzu

"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward." --

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