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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #29 - November 18, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Generating Web Site Traffic
- Six House and Home Page Sites!
- Cost of Exclusive Agent Link Cut in Half
- Agents Online is #1!
- Forums Now Accept Multiple Moderators
-New Computers and Technology Moderator
- Email Success and Failure
- Tip of the Day

Net Success

This past week I received several requests for information on
how to generate web site traffic from agents who are in the
process of setting up their first internet sites.

One thing to keep in mind is that "hits" bear little
relationship to the number of leads a site will generate. Many
agent sites will get lots of "hits" but generate no leads.
Increasing web site traffic will not automatically result in
buyer and seller leads.

One should be striving for an effective web site that will
generate leads as well as traffic. A web site has to be designed
in a certain way in order to generate leads and traffic at the
same time.

Traffic can probably only be generated by...

a) search engine positioning - the cheapest and most effective
way. To be successful, your site must be designed with search
engine positioning in mind right from the start.

Most agents think that all they have to do is complete their
site and then submit it to the major search engines, and
automatically their site will rank well and the traffic will
flow! Well, for starters, if your site is not listed in the top
twenty of at least a couple of the major search engines there
will be no traffic at all.

Think about it for a second and do the math - there are likely
hundreds of real estate pages targeting your area and how many
can be listed in the Top Twenty?

In most cases, the sites that place in the Top Twenty are not
there by accident. If you want your site to be there, it must be
designed to place well right from the start. Unless you have
lots of time on your hands to learn how to do this yourself,
make sure your designer/webmaster knows how to do this. Ask for
proof of several sites they have built that place well in
several major search engines.

b) word of mouth - will usually only kick in once the site is
already successful

c) internet advertising thru banner ads, directory listings,
etc. - will generate some traffic, but you pay for each visitor
in most cases.

d) conventional advertising - It has been the experience of
many large sites with large advertising budgets that
conventional advertising doesn't really increase traffic. It
does however, raise your profile in the eyes of your existing

Many good ideas on promoting your web site can be found in back
issues of the Leaders Post Real Estate Newsletter which can be
found online at .


Once your site is up and running and the traffic is flowing,
how will it generate business for you? As many agents have
discovered it will not - unless it is designed to do so right
from the start as well!

Remember the "Personal Brochure"? It was all the rage a few
years ago. Even those who promoted the use of Personal Brochures
admitted that it had little value in attracting new business.

The major use of a Personal Brochure is to build and reinforce
your profile to those who have already met or contacted you from
another source.

If your web site is basically a personal brochure - that is, if
it is mostly about you and what you do - you can expect the same
sort of results - very little or no new business.

Most, if not all agents, start with this type of site - and
after a year or so of no results they start the quest for a site
that will actually generate leads.

That search has led many to the House and Home Real
Estate Page program which has proven to be a successful
generator of new leads for the member agents. You can check it
out at Realtor Websites

Just one is produced for each market area, and it is totally
different from any other agent web site. The site comes as a
turnkey package and are continuously updated to conform to the
changing criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep
nights and concentrate on selling real estate!

The House and Home Page Real Estate Sites also rank well within
all of the major search engines!


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)


Happenings At

I am happy to report that the cost of being linked as the
exclusive agent for your market area at the Agents Online Real
Estate Idea Center has been reduced
by 50% in most cases! The cost is now only $60 USD per year!
Those who have already paid to be listed will have their listing
period extended from six months to one year.

The Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center will rank differently
in various search engines for various keywords depending on the
agents participating and the messages posted. For example, a
recent check, shows it is currently ranked for the keywords
"real estate agents" :

#1 in Google
#4 in Lycos (web sites section)
#6 in Yahoo! (web sites section)

It is also ranked #1 in Infoseek/ Directory under "real
estate>property listings" !

The site will also show up under searches for local real estate
agents - again depending on participation etc.

For example, if you are an agent in the cities listed below you
may want to consider being listed as the one and only agent for
your area.

People searching for an agent in the major search engine Google
will currently find that for the keywords '"city" real estate
agents' the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center comes up in
the NUMBER ONE Position, and in HotBot most come up in the Top

Also in Google, for the keywords '"city" real estate listings',
the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center comes up NUMBER ONE
or number two behind!

For the very cheap price of $60 USD per year you can get some
great search engine positioning by being the exclusive agent
listed at the Idea Center for these areas:

Albuquerque, Amarillo, Arlington, Boise, Chesapeake, Colorado
Springs, Denver, Eugene, Fort Worth, Fresno, Green Bay,
Honolulu, Houston, Irving, Kelowna, Laredo, Las Vegas, Lincoln,
Mesa, Mesquite, Modesto, Okanagan, Oklahoma, Reno, Salt Lake
City, Saskatoon, San Antonio, San Diego, Scottsdale, Spokane,
Stockton, Tempe, and Twin Cities.

If you know an agent in any of these areas, please tell them
about this opportunity - they will thank you for it!

More information about how to become the one and only agent for
your area listed in the real estate menus can be found at


A change in the software now allows for more than one moderator
for each form at the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center.

Moderators have the ability to post announcements, edit and
remove messages, and are notified by email each time someone
posts to their forum. They are often viewed as a leader and/or
expert in their forum. As well, the moderators name appears on
every page in their forum. There is now a program in place to
submit all the messages to the major search engines on a monthly
basis which will increase traffic - and help promote you!

Moderators may be removed if they don't actively attempt to
encourage discussion. There are no hard and fast rules, but if a
moderator doesn't post a message for two months - they probably
have forgotten they are a moderator and may be removed.


You can promote yourself very well by participating in
the Agents Online Real Estate Discussion Forums,
which are visited by people who are looking for real estate
information, agents, and property listings! Participating in
the discussion and sharing your insights is great FREE

This And That

I received this note recently Penny Meckling regarding her web
site, the House and Home Parksville / Qualicum Beach Real Estate

"Thank you and by the way I just sold a $275,000 house to
people who found me through the site and I was happy to hear
they had E-mailed 6 Realtors and I was the only one who
responded! They were from Ontario. I sold another small house
for $114,000 to a couple from Northern British Columbia who
contacted me right off the site.

I just spent 3 days with people from California who also
contacted me via the site. Unfortunately they couldn't find
anything on this trip but will fly up as soon as something comes
on the market which would suit them.

Thank you..things are going well."

Sutton Whitecap Realty Ltd.
Box 596. 135 Alberni Highway. Parksville. BC. V9P 2G6

Penny highlights what many of us already know - many agents
don't check their email!

This next item is about email too, and is filed in the "It
never ceases to amaze me!" section...

I received an email from a fellow who was interested in buying
a hotel and was getting no response from his repeated attempts
at contacting the listing agent via email and telephone. He
ended up contacting the local real estate board to confirm that
the property was still available and then contacted the manager
of the office the agent worked in.

When he told the office manager about his inability to contact
the listing agent, the Manager replied "Mr. Agent does not
respond to emails because of the quantity he receives."

I should mention that the "quantity he receives" is next to
none in this case. I wonder if that was his excuse for not
responding to phone calls too!

Too bad, he could have sold a hotel.

Tip Of The Day

"Things don't go wrong, they simply happen." - Jacob Ghitis

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
- Albert Einstein

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