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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #23 - August 26, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Internet to change real estate?
- New House and Home Real Estate Page Site in Richmond VA
- REALTOR Explodes!
- Search Engine Notes
- Tip of the day

Net Success

Let's try and shift our gaze beyond today to how real estate
may be impacted by the internet and the new technologies that
will soon be a part of everyday life.

The internet is an entirely new way of doing business where old
rules and assumptions do not work anymore. The internet gives
buyers direct access to sellers and is leading to theelimination
of middlemen.

Witness what has already happened in the travel sector with
agents being bypassed or working for drastically reduced
commissions. Stock brokers are also feeling the heat as more and
more are turning to online trading and saving the commissions.

I tend to believe that real estate agents are not the middlemen
- but the current MLS system is. The days of real estate
listings being proprietary information are definitely numbered,
and with the advent of intelligent agent programs in a few years
it will be possible to scour the web for just the right house or
real estate agent. All sellers will want their home displayed on
the internet and accessible to these intelligent agent programs.
The majority of buyers or their agents will use these programs
and the internet will be where one goes to look for housing

It will no longer be as much of a benefit to a buyer to visit
a major real estate portal to look for listings. Buyers will be
able to quickly and easily search ALL web sites for listings of
homes that match their criteria. Your web site and mine will
have pretty much equal billing with as far as
intelligent agent programs are concerned.

As far as buyers and sellers are concerned, the internet will
become the multiple listing service, with everyone having the
opportunity to participate. Agents will be able to offer sellers
their know how in promoting their home on the internet - on the
agents own website.

Agents will compete for listings by impressing upon the seller
their technological prowess, their networking abilities, and by
highlighting their ability to display the home on the internet.
The agent's web site will form the core of the listing
presentation and will be the primary way agents will
differentiate themselves from the competition.

The agent's web site will have to be designed to address the
needs of potential clients and not as an online sales brochure
for the agent. It must be unique in the local marketplace so
that it is immediately apparent that the site is not like all
the other local agent sites.

With the reduced costs of doing business on the internet and
limited barriers to entry, there is the constant threat of new
competition. If they are not already, agents will be budgeting
for regular web site renewal, updating, and search engine
positioning. Those agents who today are not committed to
learning how use the internet in their daily business will find
themselves increasingly marginalized.

Real estate agents can start positioning themselves now by
increasing their knowledge of how to use the internet in their
daily business and by understanding that a comprehensive,
effective website is a necessity. There is already lots of real
estate business being done on the internet - get your unique and
effective website up and running now!


With the search engines getting a lot bigger, and more web
sites to compete with, it is more important than ever to set
yourself apart from the competition. Is your web site a lot like
all the other agent sites in your area? You know the type -
agent photo on the front page and "this is who I am and what I
do". Why would anyone choose you over the hundreds of other
sites that begin to look identical to someone browsing the web?

You need a unique web site - one where it is immediately
apparent to a visitor that it is different from all the others.
The House and Home Real Estate Page is a good example of a
unique web site that has proven effective. Just one is produced
for each market area, and it is totally different from any other
agent web site. Also,sites are continuously updated to conform
to the changing criteria required by search engines - so you can
sleep! Check it out at Web Promotion for Realtors


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't have
a web site yet.) Send submissions to -
suggestions may also be left at the Agents Online Real Estate Forum
in the Newsletter Suggestions Forum.

You can promote yourself very well by participating in
the Agents Online Real Estate Discussion Forums,
which are visited by an average of 1000 people a week now who
are looking for real estate information, agents, and property
listings! Participating in the discussion and sharing your
insights is great FREE advertising!


Members of the High Performance Home Page program are reminded to
check their private forum for information, search engine
strategies, and add-ons to their site. The forum is located
within the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center at and can be found at the bottom of the
list of public forums. Once registered at the Idea Center, send
me an email and I will "authorize" you so you can access the
private forum.

This And That

"Realtor Explodes!" Have you seen this headline? You may
according to fire departments across north america.

A warning has been issued that cell phones and pagers are a
possible source of ignition, and warning stickers may soon be
appearing on gas pumps everywhere. Many grain terminals have
banned cell phones because grain dust is also highly explosive.

Whew! Talk about agent burn-out!


Search Engine Notes

AltaVista has a time penalty for submitted pages in popular
keyword categories - "my city real estate" included. If you
submit a page targeting those keywords, it will go near the end
of the list and will rise in rank over a period of months to
eventually place in the top 10 or 20. It will then begin a
decline and start the cycle over again. AltaVista will spider
pages on it's own and rank those pages higher than pages that
are submitted through it's "ADD URL" feature. These issues make
it virtually impossible for a new site to achieve good ranking
for several months for popular keywords.

AltaVista was actually "off the air" for several hours last
week. This is unheard of for search engines, which operate on
multiple servers so if one goes down the others take over. This
may be part of it's ongoing problems with it's database which
has been ongoing for several months now. This is especially
evident in real estate searches with fewer than normal pages
being reported in searches.

Infoseek lost all pages submitted after the third week in June
for several days beginning August 12. Those pages have since
returned, but new submissions are taking longer than normal to
appear in the index. Infoseek states that submitted pages will
appear in a day or two - I, and many others, are still waiting
for the appearance of pages submitted in July!

AOL Netfind , which used to be powered by Excite, is now
powered by Inktomi. If you rank well with HotBot you will now
rank well with AOL, ICQ, Yahoo! (web pages search),
and a few other search services that use Inktomi.

Excite has begun enlarging it's index to eventually include 250
million pages which is up from it's former 50 million pages.
Check out the previous issue of this newsletter for more about
Excite's changes.

Tip Of The Day

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give
to others. - Unknown

We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough. -
Helen Keller

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