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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #21 - July 29, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Magic Formula For Net Success Revisited
- New House and Home Real Estate Page Site in South Orange
County, CA
- Free Real Estate Directory Listings
- Hot Tip!
- Property Tax Humor
- Summer Recipe For Busy Agents
- Tip of the day

Net Success

Summer Holiday Issue!

I am currently on holiday and enjoying the sunshine in the lake
country of Northern Ontario, so please forgive me if the content
appears a little "thin" this issue.

Recently I have heard from agents who have struggled to get
their web sites fairly well placed in some major search engines,
and are still not getting leads. It is worth remembering that the
design and the content of the site is what encourages visitors to
choose your site from the list of search engine results, explore
your pages, and ultimately ask for your assistance. You can be
number one in every search engine and never earn a dime from your
site if it does not have the rest of the ingredients in the
"Magic Formula For Net Success"!

I thought this may be a good time to reprint the article "Magic
Formula For Net Success" that was recently published in the
Realty Times

The Magic Formula For Net Success

92 million Americans and Canadians, or 40 percent of the
population over the age of 16, report they use the Web according
to the 1999 Commerce Net/Nielsen Media Research study. Over
550,000 new consumers, are "getting on the net" each month. That
is over 18,000 per day!

I am willing to bet that almost every single one of those people
will use the internet to search for their next home, their next
real estate agent, and buyer and seller information. Real estate
agents are recognizing that in order to prosper in the future,
they must become familiar with the internet now! Agents also now
recognize that having their own web site is becoming a necessity
if they are to stay abreast with the competition and not become

Some agents enjoy great success from their web site and other
do not. What do the successful agents do differently? Agents
everywhere are searching for the magic formula for internet

Is there a magic formula? There sure is! As with all formulas,
there are many ingredients that have to be included. If you leave
out just one, the formula doesn't work the way it should.

Most real estate web sites proclaim "Here's who we are and what
we sell." It is clear that such sites are written from the
agents's point of view. The most effective web sites design
from the buyer of the agent's services point of view!

A buyer-oriented site takes into consideration all buyer needs,
actions, and motivations. The site must first and foremost be
informative, easy to navigate, interactive, and friendly.

In order to tap into the buyer's perspective you must identify
the most important key words and phrases used by buyers
of your services. Then develop titles and write descriptions
that include these keywords and highlight the features and
benefits of your services.

Destination web pages that provide the information and services
to fill the prospect's needs must be created. Ask yourself -
"Who are my clients? What do they want/need to know?" The
answers will determine the content of your site.

Most importantly, you must obtain high search engine listings
for these important key words and phrases. This can only be done
by incorporating certain elements and content into your site at
the time the site is produced. Merely submitting your site to
search engines does not result in good placement.

A prospect almost always starts their buying process at the
search engines. Legitimate prospects, those looking to buy or
sell, type in a text version of their problem on one of the
various search engines. For every search your prospective
customer does while in this buying mode, a link to your web site
should appear on the first page or two of the various search

This link to your web site MUST appear in the first couple of
pages of search engine results or a prospective customer will
rarely find you! The more search engines your site places well
in, the easier it is for prospective customers to find you.

Not so long ago, merely having a web site and submitting it to
the search engines was enough to cause an agent's site to be
visited by potential customers. Not anymore!

With the plethora of web sites vieing for search engine position,
and prospects' attention, it is no wonder more and more agents
are seeking professional web services and signing up for web
products that have proven to be effective, like the
House and Home Real Estate Pages
(Realtor Website Promotion), rather than opting for free
web pages and do-it-yourself web design.

Failing to use an experienced web page provider can leave an
agent in the same boat as a hapless FSBO - without the knowledge
and expertise to benefit from their expense and labors. Agents
can gain some of that knowledge and expertise and find more
great tips for designing a promoting their web site at the
Agents Online Real Estate Forum
which has eleven
searcheable real estate forums full of the thoughts and
experiences of agents who have enjoyed success on the

Follow all the ingredients of the Magic Formula For Net Success,
and reap the rewards of having a presence on the internet!

Copyright 1999 - by Doug Towes

Happenings At

Hot Tip! You can promote yourself very well by participating in
the Agents Online Real Estate Discussion Forums,
which are viewed regularly by over 200 registered participants
and many more who are not registered.

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How can you be the preferred agent listed for your area?

You can be listed by paying the fee of $10 month per city or
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You can become a moderator of one of the forums - being listed
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To be listed in the Real Estate Agents Menu, you must have a
web site. To be listed also in the Property Listings Menu, you
must have a page set up on your web site that directs visitors to
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If you are interested in being the one and only agent listed
for your area, first check the pull down menus at to see if your city or town is
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Menu listings on a first come first served basis, but you can
be "bumped" in the future if there is a new House and Home Page
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payment is not received. Until then, the exclusive menu listings
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We still need moderators for a couple of the forums, so if you
are interested let me know at and I
will set it up.

Moderators have the ability to post announcements, edit and
remove messages, send out digests, and are notified by email each
time someone posts to their forum. They are often viewed as a
leader and/or expert, and the moderators name appears on every
page in their forum. Moderators also have the ability to schedule
the digests for their own forums, and the frequency will be
determined by the traffic in the particular forum.


There is now a colorful new logo suitable for members to place on
their web sites and linking to the Idea Center. The logo is just
6kb, and a transparent gif, so it will work whatever your page
background. Have a look at
where you can see the logo and cut and paste the code for


Members of the High Performance Home Page program are reminded to
check their private forum for information, search engine
strategies, and add-ons to their site. The forum is located
within the Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center at and can be found at the bottom of the
list of public forums. Once registered at the Idea Center, send
me an email and I will "authorize" you so you can access the
private forum.

This And That

From Readers Digest:

"Following the mailing of annual property tax notices, our phones
at city hall were busy with residents calling with various
questions.  One resident phoned after reading her notice, which
indicated that her home has been assessed as a "single family
residence."  She insisted a mistake had been
made because, she said, "I've been married for 20 years"


Compliments of Carolyne Lederer - celebrating 19 years as
Brampton's Premier Executive Home Specialist

Here is an easy summer recipe that I put together quite by
accident recently, and it was so delicious that I thought I
should share it...

Summer-Love Spinach

As much special tender spinach (flat-leaf tender young leaves) as
you require for a good plate-full of salad (washed, and dried in
a tea towel), one or two cold quartered boiled eggs (or as many
as you like), a handful of very fresh chopped or sliced white
button mushrooms, and sweet black olives, whole (as many as you
like - they are absolutely delicious!).

On a serving plate or bowl, place equal parts of your very best,
favourite, olive oil and top-of-the-line balsamic black vinegar.
Add a pinch of dried basil, and a pinch of dried mint, and
sprinkle with fresh ground pepper corns. Add a little sweet
paprika powder to the chopped hard-boiled eggs. There is no salt
in this recipe (unless you crave it). Garnish with large shrimp
or tomato wedges.

THAT'S IT!!! just add a portion of the spinach mixture, and you
have as many individual servings as you need. Toss with two forks
on your own plate... (this way the leftover greens mixture can be
placed in the fridge - in a sealed plastic food bag) for later in
the day, or if you are lucky - next day's lunch.


Realtor who loves to cook but never has time...

Tip Of The Day

No one really knows enough to be a pessimist. - Norman Cousins

You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying
there. - Edwin Louis Cole

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