How Many Web Visitors Do Realtor Websites Receive?

THE LEADERS POST - Issue #20 - July 15, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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Net Success

Last issue we reported that in North America 40% of the
population over the age of 16 report they use the web, and the
number is growing by over 18,000 per day.

Those numbers would lead one to believe that putting up a web
site will result in "millions of hits" and the fast track to
wealth. As most of you already know, a productive real estate web
site is the most cost effective generator of business in an
agent's arsenal, but it is not a guarantee of of instant wealth!

How many hits does an average web site receive? I have recently
heard claims originating from some real estate agents that
their sites receives hundreds of hits a day. On visiting some of
these sites, I was surprised to find that their visitor
counters located on the sites themselves did not come close to
recording any where near these numbers.

There are many ways of counting hits, and this accounts for most
of the discrepancies although some agents are given to hyperbole
as well.

Many times reported "hits" are really calls to the server and
include every graphic on the page loaded in the numbers so that
10 or more "hits" are counted for one viewing of a page.

I like to think of "hits" as being visitors - not including the
numbers of times they may return to view page during their visit.

I poked around various sites that track such things, and found
that their numbers pretty well correspond to my own experiences.
Several sites that provide counters and trackers report that the
vast majority of web sites get no hits at all!

Taking all sites into account (not just real estate sites) that
would use a particular counter or tracker, in a typical case ,
the number one site in a city would receive about 70 visitors a
day. The number two site would receive 15 visitors, the number
three site 5 visitors, and every site after number 10 would
receive no visitors!

A couple of years ago I came across a site that claimed to list
the top 1000 real estate sites. I don't know if they are still
around, and don't remember what the site was called, but I do
remember some of the numbers - which were apparently reported by
the individual site owners themselves and not from a counter or
log files. All it took to make the list was 30 or so hits a day.
When you consider that it was likely that many agents were
exaggerating a bit as there seemed to be no system in place to
audit these hits, you get a better understanding of the amount or
traffic one can reasonably expect to a web site. As the number of
internet users has increased so has the number of web sites so
the balance is probably still the same.

As we all know, it is better to get 10 visitors who are
interested specifically in real estate in your area, than 100,000
visitors who have no interest in what you have to offer.
Some sites offer non-real estate content, or use popular non-real
estate keywords in their meta tags to try and get the numbers of
visitors up. This may give bragging rights, but it doesn't help
generate clients.

According to, the search engine is the
eighth most popular search engine - ahead of HotBot and Infoseek
in the top 10 list. Unlike other major search engines, you get
well positioned in by paying them money. This has led to develop some unique tools for webmasters to use to
determine which keywords are worth paying for. They will actually
tell you how many times a particular keyword or phrase is
searched for - which also sheds some light on how much traffic
one might expect.

For example, I checked out the results for Vancouver which is a
large metropolitan area with hundreds of real estate web pages.
When searching for real estate in Vancouver, the most popular
keyword is "vancouver real estate" which is used ten times more
often than the second most popular keyword. But "vancouver real
estate" was still only used an average of 6 times a day in! If one were to extrapolate those results, it is likely
that all the major search engines together may be searched less
than a hundred times a day in total for "vancouver real estate".
With hundreds of real estate web pages in Vancouver, it is very
easy to see that unless you are listed on the first couple of
pages of results in a major search engine or two, your web pages
will likely never be visited!

On the web, just like in "real life", real estate is not a
numbers game. It can not be expected that millions of visitors
will come to your site and you will be able to cherry pick the
best ones. You have to be prepared to target your visitors, and
be prepared to follow up with them in order to earn their
business - just like you do in your conventional real estate

A real estate web site will be a successful generator of business
only if the site:
- is informative, easy to navigate, interactive, and friendly
- is well positioned in the major search engines and gives
searchers a reason to choose the site over the adjacent
sites listed in the search engine results
- is linked from other real estate sites and directories
- is promoted on conventional marketing materials as well as on
the web
- has the content and information to fill the visitors needs
- is attended by an agent who responds promptly to a visitors
inquiries and follows up afterwards

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This And That

Search Engine News

As reported in previous issues, webmasters have been experiencing
problems with AltaVista for several months. This is still ongoing
and it has been reported that they appear to have recently gone
back to an old database from more than a month ago and all new
submissions disappeared. For many keyword searches, few results
are being returned - and in some cases the results are

AltaVista has also introduced paid links and also a "freshness
guarantee". It now takes significantly longer to get listed than
it used to - I have not seen the "freshness" yet, but I for one
will welcome it with open arms!


I received a very nice "Thank You!" email last week from someone
who found a message I posted at the Agents Online Real Estate
Idea Center via a search engine. This posting has been one of the
most widely read messages in the forum and I thought it was worth
reprinting again.

Sending Attachments To AOL Members

It appears that AOL has some particular requirements that may
prevent your information being received by AOL members.
AOL does not accept multiple attachments (more than one item).
It does not bounce it back to you either, so you will never know
your info has not reached it's intended destination. If sending
listings for example, or photos, - you will have to put them all
together in a compressed file, like a .zip or .sit so just one
attachment is sent.

AOL accepts attachments in MIME format as a default - so that is
what you should use to send yours.


As evidenced above, all postings in the Idea Center are indexed
by the major search engines, and help get your name out there. It
is a great way to promote yourself for free!

Tip Of The Day

A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice
without getting nervous. - Unknown

An error is not a mistake until you refuse to correct it. -

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