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THE LEADERS POST	 -  Issue #2 - November 5, 1998

By: Doug Towes, Editor
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Net Success
I received the following e mail from Carolyne Lederer of Brampton
Ontario  which was prompted by the last
edition of this newsletter "".
"In response to your newsletter information.....
4 of my last 9 deals came from the Net = 44% up from previous numbers
at 35% first full year on the Net If this keeps up, percentage for
year over year will increase dramatically.
In response to Doreen's comment about receiving mostly "buyer" hits -
I've experienced the same phenomena. Here's what I do with "live"
buyer hits for my own area --- I contact all the would-be vendors
where I've made contact previously by any other means, including
requests for appraisals/opinions of value. I tell them that I have a
possible purchaser for their property, and ask permission to show,
using an "Authority to Sell Letter" in place of a listing (which
really equals an exclusive listing) - I am very careful to
let everyone know about agency rules, and treat everyone fairly.
This has netted me several double-end transactions since starting to
use the Net. Bearing in mind I had "many months" of horror stories
getting the Net end of my business up and running in the first
instance. And, with 18 years of real estate behind me, and nearly 8
years with my own brokerage, I look forward to the Net being "the"
future. Things should improve dramatically from here on in, since I
now have a webmaster who knows what he is doing. That is the biggest
hurdle for new users to overcome.
I get less and less hits, even tho' I have excellent search engine
placement. But, they are higher quality, overall. It may very well be
possible, that, sooner than we think - ALL business of any real
substance will be done on the net. Those of us who are on the leading
edge are well positioned to take advantage of whatever market remains
to be had."
Thanks for sharing Carolyne! 
Want some extra business with no competition? Do you occasionally
receive a request for real estate information from visitors who have
given an incorrect e mail address to reply to? This is usually an
honest mistake on their part - many people accessing your site are
"newbies" who are just starting to use computers and surf the net.
When visitors request info from you - they usually have requested
info from a couple of other sites as well. It then becomes a matter
of who responds in a timely manner and in a way that appeals to the
Not in this case! Since the visitors have entered the wrong "reply
to" address in their e mail programs - no one can respond! But, in
many cases, if you take a good look at the e mail address you can
spot the obvious mistake, correct it, and likely be the only one to
respond. A good place to start is check to see if the "@" is there,
and if the domain was entered correctly.  
I have found that by spending a little extra time trying to determine
what the correct e mail address should be, I have been able to pick
up a couple of extra clients every year this way.
What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are gratefully
accepted, and if used you will receive credit along with a link to
your web site or (e mail address if you don't have a web site yet.)
Send submissions to  - suggestions may
also be left at the Idea Center in the Newsletter Suggestions Forum.
Here are a few Quick Tips for your web site that I picked up from
here and there - and based on my experience, agree with.
- The layout and design of your site is the foundation. Your site is
a product. Through it customers get to other products. If they don’t
buy your site’s design and layout, they don’t buy anything at all. 
- Visitors to your site stay for 30 to 60 seconds unless something
about the site keeps them from going elsewhere. Number one ranking
in ten search engines? Banner ads with a click through rate of 40%?
Thousands of pages linking to yours? All useless if your presentation
misses the point. Your site must be a true marketing tool, or all
other efforts are in vain. 
- The marketing of your site must bring people to it. Your front page
must encourage them to stay. Design and content of the entire site
must bring them back.
- Content is king. Don't have something useful to say? Then, no one
will want to come to your site. A page of nothing but links (half of
which no longer go anywhere), your resume, an open letter to all, or
your latest sales brochure really doesn't interest most people.
- Don't build your site for 800x600 screen resolution. Most people
are still using 640x480. 
- Don't build your site for high or true color. Most computers are
factory installed at 256 colors and you'd be surprised the number of
people who never change that setting. 
- Don't build your site for just one browser. Despite Microsoft's
attempts to take over the browsing world, most people are still using
Netscape. Build your site so it looks the same on Netscape and
How to Be Unsuccessful on the Net
This one is from Carolyne Lederer of Brampton Ontario
Carolyne attempted to send a referral to an agent from their web site
and received this response from the agent's auto responder: "Due to
the volume of Internet mail received, please allow 3 business days
for a response." 
The agent never did respond.
Happenings At
The forums have been renamed to "The Results-net Real Estate Idea
"" to better reflect their
reason for being. If you have any ideas to share that may help your
fellow real estate professionals - please post them for the benefit
of all. It's a great way to promote yourself and attract referrals!
Some search engines, such as Altavista, are now using a rotating
alogrithm for popular keywords to determine how sites place in
search results. The criteria by which sites are judged change
frequently - a site may appear in a top 10 position one day and in
the 45th position the next. Then, it will appear back in that top 10
position on another day. This makes it increasingly important to
market yourself and your internet site in other ways - and not rely
on the search engines to bring all the visitors to your site.
Some good suggestions on ways to market yourself and your site
appeared in the last issue of this newsletter which is available
online at "". If you have any
other good suggestions, please post them in the Idea Center and/or
send an e mail to  for inclusion in this
newsletter. You will be credited for any ideas you submit -  along
with a link back to your web site. 
Thought For Today
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist
sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Sir Winston Churchill
================================================================ is an online community of real estate
professionals dedicated to providing excellent service to
their clients. 
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