Are Search Engines Dead?

THE LEADERS POST - Issue #17 - June 3, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Are search engines really dead?
- New Instant Survey
- Two business models for web site producers
- ICQ housekeeping
- Defeating the Big R
- Be the exclusive agent for your area!
- Tip of the day

Net Success

Are search engines dead? So claim some "visionaries" selling web
sites to real estate agents. What do you think? Which do you
think is the most effective way to drive visitors to your
web site - advertising or good search engine positioning?

That is the topic of the latest Instant Survey on
- stop by and vote for your choice!

Lately I have been seeing advertising from web page providers who
are claiming that the way to achieve maximum traffic to one of
the web sites they will produce for you (often at an initial cost
of several thousand dollars!) is to pay them a monthly fee to
advertise their site and web page services (not yours) in the
hopes that someone visiting their site will also be looking for
real estate information in your location, and will choose to
visit your site from amongst several others listed in your city.

Some of these companies are downplaying, even belittling, the
role that search engine positioning plays in the success of a web
site. I have even received advertising with the headline "Search
Engines are Dead!"

Now, having some experience in working to keep several web sites
well positioned in the major search engines, I can understand why
they would want to say this! It is a lot easier to say that being
well positioned in the major search engines is not important than
it is to actually accomplish this task. On top of that, it is a
dream come true to have your customers pay your monthly
advertising bill to advertise for more customers! What a concept!

Does it actually drive business to your site and allow you to be
successful finding new clients on the internet? I personally find
it hard to believe that it is more effective than being well
positioned in the major search engines.

If you have personal experience with this type of web site
company, I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject.
Please send me an email at , and let me
know what you think.

At RNC Internet Services, we have always considered your success
to be our business. Right from Day 1, our services have always
been structured in such a way so that if our clients are not
successful on the Internet - we are not either.

Take the House and Home Page Program for example. Instead of
taking a hefty up-front production fee which would allow for a
substantial initial profit, our setup fee is comparatively small.
This means that if a client is not satisfied and elects to cancel
the service - we lose money.

As you can imagine, this guarantees that we have the incentive to
work very hard at keeping the sites well positioned in the major
search engines! This also ensures the incentive is there to keep
providing great content for the House and Home Page sites, and
also to provide other vehicles to help contribute to our members

Our real estate web sites at at and also the Agents Online Real Estate
Idea Center at are provided at no
charge for the benefit of members to interact with fellow real
estate professionals and help to generate agent to agent

One of the most popular forums there is the Canadian Real Estate Issues forum. There are
always lots of interesting and informative discussions going on with a minimum
of spam and solicitations to wade through - check it out!

Both sites also attract lots of members of the public
looking for real estate information, listings, and agents. This
also helps to generate business for our members!

I believe that a business model such as this, that only allows us
to be successful if our clients are, guarantees that we stay on
top of things! We assume a large amount of risk with every new
client we work with because we believe that the services we
provide will make that client a long term one.

I know that if I were looking for a new web site, I personally
would not feel comfortable handing over bags of cash to a web
designer who had little or no stake in my success once the money
was deposited!

For more information about the House and Home Page program, visit
Website for Realtor


Guest Article - ICQ Housekeeping

We all need to do computer housekeeping, unfortunately.

One such nuisance job, if you didn't set it up that way in the
first place, is to go to each entry in your icq database, and
click "rename" - and make the first part of each entry the State
or Province abbreviation, followed by the agent name/city

eg... ON-Carolyne/Brampton

This way when ICQ files your list, and it pops up each time you
enter your ICQ program, all your agent names will show in
alphabetical order, and it will make your life simpler for
sending referrals to places whose names you only recognize on a
map, and can't recall which agent services that area, much less
recall the correct spelling of the agent's surname.

Just my thoughts.

Carolyne Lederer


Guest article - Defeating The Big R

by Bob Boog

The Big R lurks everywhere. It's inside of you and me. It lies
within people who are successful, people who are unsuccessful,
people who love what they do for a living and people who hate
what they do for a living. And the Big R is not your friend. It
saps your energy, drains enthusiasm and defeats your finest
intentions. What is the Big R? How can you recognize it? What can
you do to defeat it?

The Big R stands for resistance. Resistance is a subtle inner
mechanism that causes us to hold back from doing things. It can
hold you back from dreams, desires and even daily demands. Let me
give you an example, and see if this rings a bell with you.

About a year ago, I was sitting in my den reading a book when my
wife suddenly entered the room. She was carrying a large box that
she set down on my desk. Now I knew what was inside the box- it
was filled with tax receipts, and my heart sank as she said,
"Bob, I'd like you to go through this box today, and sort all
these receipts, file them in these folders, and get them ready
for the bookkeeper."

Now friends, filing tax receipts is not my idea of doing
something fun, and that box sat on my desk, unopened for at least
two weeks before I got the courage to crack it open. Why? The Big
R had me under its' spell. I knew that I was supposed to do that
task, I just didn't want to do it. Has this kind of thing ever
happened to you? Good, then we're on the same page.

Actually some people live in a state of denial about it. Now I
know what some of you are thinking: denial is a river in Egypt.
But what I mean is that some folks attribute a rational-sounding
reason as to why they didn't accomplish a particular task, chore
or goal. Here are some favorites that I've heard: "I had a
migraine headache. I wasn't in the mood. It was too hot outside.
It was too cold. I'm not very good at doing this, I'm too
educated. I'm too uneducated."

One time I held a sales contest at my office for one hundred
dollars cash. Actually it wasn´t even a contest because everybody
in the office could win. All a salesperson had to do was to show
up at the Saturday morning meeting with a list of 100 names and
phone numbers. (Agents were supposed to have made cold-canvas
telephone calls and asked people if they wanted to sell their
home.) That was it. Make 100 phone calls and get 100 dollars in
cash! On Friday, my wife asked me if I´d gone to the bank. She
reminded me that I´d better bring $600 in cash because everyone
was going to show up at the Saturday morning meeting demanding
their cash bonus.

Yet the following day, not one agent could provide a list of 100
names and phone numbers. "People were rude and I couldn´t get
into it," said one young lady. Another agent said, "I figured
that people would be eating dinner and I didn´t want to bother
them." Another agent told me, "I made 30 calls but I couldn´t
make any more calls because my son was sick."

Isn´t it a sad day when you can´t give money away? Friends, the
Big R is so insidious that most people actually believe their own
excuses. The ones from my agents sounded believable enough,
didn´t they?

Now some folks might argue that caring for a sick child is a
legitimate excuse for not doing something. Ditto for having a
migraine headache. So how do you recognize the Big R from a
legitimate complaint?

Some psychologists believe that we learn how to resist things at
an early age. Remember when you were about five years old and
your mom told you to make your bed and you didn´t want to do it?
Do you remember how you avoided her?  The other day I was at the
birthday party of a six-year old child and to experiment with the
Big R, I asked some of the kids to take some trash that was on
the ground and throw it in a trash can located ten feet away. Do
you know what happened? Four kids ran away from me, one kid
argued, two girls got their parents to talk to me and one child
went into hiding! Sounds like the agents in my real estate
company, doesn´t it?

The point is, try to test yourself to see how you normally resist
things. Maybe you´re still using the same technique that worked
for you as a five-year old child! (Today, instead of running
away, you might be driving away to the nearest shopping mall!)
Question: how do you test yourself? Remember, the Big R always
rears its head whenever there are duties, chores, or deadlines to
be completed. Do you have a job or chore around the house that
you´ve been putting off? What about doing your taxes or cleaning
up the garage? Do you dread talking to the top boss about
something happening at work? The Big R is always lurking!.

Recognizing the Big R is the first step to defeating it, so do a
self-test as soon as possible!

The second step to defeating the Big R is to detach yourself from
a Big R situation. But in order to detach yourself, you must
catch yourself in the clutches of the Big R. When you are
avoiding something you have to stop and look at your behavior as
though you were observing it from another viewpoint.

Example: You have a project deadline looming and you are supposed
to deliver some bad news to your boss, Susan, who has already
called. You know that you´re supposed to call Susan back, but you
really don´t want to. Susan loves to grill people for hours and
you can already hear the traffic stacking up on the freeway.
You´ve got a long commute home and you still have to go to the
grocery store. Halfway down to the parking garage you suddenly
realize that the Big R has pulled you into its clutches. STOP!
Right now it´s time to stop, and view your behavior. What are you
doing? You´re running away from a problem instead of facing it,
aren´t you?

Congratulations! You are on your way to defeating the Big R.

Note: According to Marsha Sinetar in her excellent book, Do What
You Love, The Money Will Follow, most psychologists believe that
any behavior that can be observed can be controlled. The trick is
to catch your self in the behavior and then observe the behavior.
You've got to be like a mother who peers out the kitchen window
to watch her two children. The mother notices that instead of
picking up their toys they are playing on the swingset. Once they
notice that she's looking at them, the children stop, jump off
the swings and start picking up their toys. That's what we have
to learn how to do.

    The third step for defeating the Big R is to take a baby step
in a positive direction. Instead of avoiding your chore, you make
a quick call to Susan to explain that you will fill her in on all
the details later via e-mail. Or instead of making 100
prospecting phone calls in one day, you make at least 10. Then
after finishing those ten, you make ten more and then another
three before you call it quits for the day. Or you PAY somebody
to make all of the calls for you. Why not? Your nephew needs
money and will make 100 calls for twenty bucks. Or try using the
mail service. The US Postal service makes personal calls on
people everyday at 33 cents a visit no matter how hot or cold it
is outside.

    Another baby step is to invest in a book on self-hypnosis.
Self-hypnosis books are also available at the public library.
Make an audio tape that includes your monthly, yearly and life
goals, then play the tape twice a day. Hearing your own voice
talk about your goals will subconsciously assist you in defeating
the Big R and will reinforce your goals.

The Chinese have a proverb that goes: "The journey of one
thousand miles begins with the first footstep." Keep this quote
in mind the next time that you find yourself avoiding doing
things you know you should be doing. The journey of one thousand
miles begins with the first footstep. Try harder, every day to
catch yourself whenever you feel like avoiding something and then
take a baby-step in your life´s direction. You´ll feel better
about yourself and you´ll be on the way to defeating the Big R!

Bob Boog is the author of Selling Homes 1-2-3 available on, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and public libraries
throughout the United States.

Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right
Livelihood by Marsha Sinetar, published by Dell, 1989 is also
available on


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't have
a web site yet.)

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Tip Of The Day

You're a genius if you fly a kite during a thunderstorm, and
discover that lightning is electricity -- but you're an idiot if
you fly a kite during a thunderstorm, and discover that lightning
can kill you. - Unknown (from Mad Magazine)

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. -
Albert Schweitzer

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