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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #15 - May 6, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Follow up success
- How to use (and not use) autoresponders
- Email farms
- Should web site visitors have to request info?
- Another new High Performance Home Page Site!
- This and that
- Tip of the day

Net Success

In the last issue ( it was
discussed how following up with web prospects after your initial
response can increase results.

Doreen Baran of Toronto Ontario
can confirm that! She
contributes a quick initial response with a follow up phone call
with dramatically improving her results from web prospects. In
April, two of her four transactions came from her web site. When
asked what she was now doing different, she replied:

"I'm paying more attention!  Timing is important.  Immediate gets
better results and its tough when one is really busy and focusing
on something else, like an offer or listing.  Its great to email
back immediately but just as important to follow up with a phone
call.  Also, its better not to waste a lot of time on ones who
are just tire kickers. 

This week I have new clients coming in from Germany and Orlando,
Florida.  I have built up a good rapport with them on the
internet and put them in touch with people to handle their
mortgages ahead of time."


As Doreen says, a speedy email reply is essential. A reply
with an autoresponder does not count!

What exactly is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a special
email address. The address is programmed to instantly "bounce
back" a pre-formatted email reply anytime it receives an incoming

If you've ever written a conventional mail letter to a company
and in return received a form letter, you'll understand just how
impersonal and unsatisfying that can be. In many cases such a
reply will cost you the opportunity to do business with your web

When someone sends you an email, in their mind they have the
illusion that it has reached a real live person and is being
handled in a professional manner. They don't really expect you to
be sitting there in your office just waiting for their message to
arrive. But the good feeling of having started the process is

Do you have an autoresponder attached to your email box that
fires back a message saying that their message has been received
and will be read and acted on soon? That is not what they want to

They want to hear that the communication was between two human
beings, not between one human being and one mindless computer

Autoresonders are used to respond to specific inquiries, where
the person requesting knows the information will be delivered by
autoresponder - such as delivery of a special report that is
requested. They should not be used to respond to your general


Many of the points made in the article above also apply to
sending out unsolicited email. Many are touting systems to
capture email addresses from visitors to your web site, and advocate
setting up an email "farm".

Think about your own response to unsolicited email for a minute.
Isn't it amazing how adept you have become at picking out which
email was sent just to you and which was personalized but sent to
many people at the same time?

I don't know about you, but with the amount of email I get, I
have to make decisions which messages get read and which don't.
More and more people have to make that same decision every day,
and come to realize why unsolicited email (known as spam on the
internet) is despised so much.

If you want to start an email farm, an opt in list with a form on
your site for additions and removals is the way to go - not spam!


The question came up again of whether it is better to have a web
visitor request information from you or whether it should be
provided on one's web site.

The rational for making a visitor request information is usually
"If I tell them everything they need to know, they won't
phone me, and I won't be able to pick them up as clients."

Perhaps. But increasingly, if the prospect doesn't find the
information on your site, he'll surf until he finds it on your
competitor's site, and then call your competitor instead of you.

One of the rules of Internet business is that your competitor is
but a click away. Your online presentation and information should
be so complete and compelling that your prospect has no need to
leave. Trust prospects with all the information they need to
make a decision and you increase the chances that they'll trust
you with their business.

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What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
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This And That

After house hunting for many months, my husband and I finally
found the house we wanted to buy.  Our young sons voiced their
approval.  When I asked what they liked best about it, my four
year old answered  -  "The goldfish and the cat."

Tip Of The Day

"The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to
appreciate it." -- Franklin P. Jones

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart
... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." --
Carl Jung

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