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LEADERS POST - Issue #10 - February 25, 1999

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- More on link popularity
- Successful web site promo idea
- Could your site be banned from search engines?
- Sending attachments to AOL users
- New Instant Survey
- Software upgrade
- New private forum
- Contest winner
- Happy 99 virus
- Tip of the Day

Net Success

The spring market is starting to heat up, and the real estate leads from the internet are coming in on a regular basis! The newsletters will probably be noticeably shorter for the next few months - unless some of you volunteer to write guest articles :-)

A clarification about the value of linking: I have said previously that it is valuable to have as many other sites as possible linked to your web site. Aside from providing many doorways to you web site which leads to increased traffic, link popularity is one of the criteria used in ranking by some search engines. This only counts if the link is residing on a permanent web page - not a page that is generated on the fly from a database by a cgi program (.cgi), cold fusion (.cfm), or active server pages (.asp). Search engines generally cannot spider pages such as these. Most links pages in larger directories fall into this category. The real estate directories at do not! These directories are not generated on the fly, and reside on permanent web pages that are spidered by the search engines - so link away!


From the Agents Online Real Estate Forum ....

I have found a simple way to advertise my site and it only cost me $35.00 (one time charge). I had a coreplast sign made with my web site address on it and I put it in my back window of my car. Sounds "CORNY". Well I know for a fact that I have had three leads in only 2 weeks from prospective buyers. One lead was from a buyer without a Realtor who asked me if I would show them an Open House that we were both about to enter. I do believe that my $35.00 has been well invested. PS: Don't cut someone off in traffic, it's not good for business.


I recently had the occasion to rub shoulders with webmasters who produce a lot of real estate sites, and must say I was surprised at some of their practices!

Some webmasters are still designing sites that include code considered spam by major search engines. I am referring to things like using text that is the same color as the background (invisible text), using small text to repeat keywords, keyword repetition in meta tags, and redirection techniques that are considered spam by search engines.

How would you feel if your site was banned a few months after you spent several thousand dollars having it produced? These practices were quite common a couple of years ago, but now most search engines consider it spam, and will delete your pages or even ban your site when caught. Make sure you ask your designer/webmaster if these techniques are use in your present or future site.

There are sites that use these techniques that place well in search engines, but they will eventually be caught or reported and it will be game over. Sometimes, simply resubmitting a site to the search engine is all it takes to trip the spam filters and it's bye bye investment!

If you are considering a web site for your real estate business, make sure that your designer intends on achieving good search engine placement by using good design techniques and not spam. (The High Performance Home Page Sites on do not use spamming techniques to achieve good search engine placement.)


It appears that AOL has some particular requirements that may prevent your information being received by AOL members.
AOL does not accept multiple attachment (more than one item). It does not bounce it back to you either, so you will never know your info has not reached it's intended destination. If sending listings for example, or photos, - you will have to put them all together in a compressed file, like a .zip or .sit so just one attachment is sent.

AOL accepts attachments in MIME format as a default - so that is what you should use to send yours.

Happenings At

New poll!

The current Instant Survey on asks the question
"When having a web site produced, which carries the most weight in influencing your choice of designer?"


Software Upgrade!

The Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center has just had a major software upgrade which has added several new features including the ability to email message threads to a friend. Check it out at

One of the most popular forums there is the BPO, REO, and Foreclosures forum. There are
always lots of interesting and informative discussions going on with a minimum
of spam and solicitations to wade through - check it out!

The upgrade has also given us the ability to have completely private forums within the Idea Center, and one has been set up for members who are part of our exclusive High Performance Home Page program. If you are a member, simply register at the Idea Center and then send me a note letting me know you are registered. I will then set your membership permissions to allow you access to the private forum. The forum is used for members to exchange ideas and network, and announcements of available site add-ons, how-to's, and FAQ.

If you would like a private forum set up for your group, let me know and we will arrange it if appropriate.


Contest Winner!

This week's lucky winner is Roger Arsenault, Calgary AB
who wins a photo listing in the Real Estate Directory at!

For the next while, we will be choosing one posting a week from the
Idea Center, and awarding the lucky participant with a FREE 6 month
enhanced listing (which includes the agent's photo) in the Real
Estate Directories! The lucky participants will also be mentioned
with a link back to their web sites in this newsletter which goes out
to several hundred real estate professionals. Membership in the
Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center is free, so discover this great
networking resource today at

This And That

Happy 99 virus alert!

Happy99.exe does not destroy your files - but can destroy your reputation! - and cause email servers to crash etc.
It uses your computer to email copies of itself to others, and also posts messages on your behalf to Usenet newsgroups.

Tip Of The Day

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail
to make the turn!"

- Submitted by Carolyne Lederer

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