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THE LEADERS POST - Issue #1 - October 22, 1998

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Net is largest single source of real estate business
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Net Success
The Internet has become, for many of us, the largest single source of
our real estate business. (Whatever did we do before the 'net?)

A Calgary agent told me recently that a full
50% of their business (and they sell a lot of homes!) now comes from
the internet! Absolutely outstanding! Most of us are happy with
25%-35% and some with a lot less.

A productive Internet site, and knowing how to service clients from
the internet, are now necessities for any real estate professional
who is serious about becoming successful - or for maintaining the
success they currently enjoy.

Applying techniques of the past to this new technology, in many
cases, leads to failure. This section of the newsletter is
devoted to an exchange of ideas - what works and what doesn't. Your
submissions are welcome (and encouraged!) and if used, you will be
given full credit along with a link back to your web site or e mail

It is probably fitting that in this first issue we look at a few of
the basics - what has proved to be effective for all internet sites -
including real estate sites.

1) Content is king. Let content and goodwill lead the public to seek
you and your services out.

2) On the Internet, you have to give to get. (Probably includes
giving out information and listings without giving the visitor the
third degree.)

3) Soft sell is the key. Your site should not be "in your face"
commercial. In fact, you may want to reconsider having your picture
on the first page. Seems to me I remember something from all that
sales training about "the customers do not care who you are until
they know what you can do for them." Please correct me if I am wrong.

4) Answer all of your e mail promptly. This should probably be number
one. I personally have had dozens of clients who contacted me and
several others at the same time thru the internet, and I got the
business because I responded quickly - some never respond at all.

Strange as it may seem, I have seen real estate sites that do not
even have an e mail address listed (applying old techniques to a new
technology again!). Of the hundreds and hundreds of leads that I have
received from the internet, I can count on one hand the number that
phoned me first. All the rest e mailed me - if I did not have a
phone number on my site it probably would not have cost me any
business! (No! I am not suggesting you remove your phone numbers from
your site - I am merely emphasizing the importance of e mail as the
main communication medium on the internet.)

5)Promote, promote, promote! Put your URL everywhere on and off the
'net. (See the next section for some tips on how you can promote
yourself on the internet.) Off the net, put your URL on your business
card, letterhead, ads, etc. from Windsor, Ontario
is a master at this! He has
sent me some of his materials, and I am most impressed.

Happenings At
For lots of great ways to obtain great exposure for FREE, read on!

What's New? This newsletter for one! I will be gratefully
accepting your suggestions and submissions, and if used you will
receive credit along with a link to your web site or (e mail
address if you don't have a web site yet.)

The free listings in the real estate directories are improved -
they now allow for lots more contact information. If you have
one of the old entries, please feel free to resubmit and I will
delete the old entry.
These listings are stored on actual web pages, and not in a
database file and generated by a cgi program like most directories.
This means that they are spidered by the major search engines, and
will turn up in keyword searches - bringing you more business!

If you were previously listed in the real estate directories, and now
find your listing missing, - we had a situation a little while ago
where we lost all the data and had to install an old back up. As a
result, most of the listings were lost. Please re-submit if your
listing is missing.

The site itself is keyword searchable, and
anyone searching for "your city real estate" (using the Site
Search form at the site or using a major
internet search engine) will be presented with the appropriate
directory page with your contact info, as well as a list of
postings in the Discussion Boards
("")where you have
posted messages and included your contact info in your signature.

That means that the more you use the Discussion Boards, the
better your chance of receiving business! Unlike the message
boards at most other sites, which are generated from databases
on the fly, the Discussion Boards messages are also stored
on web pages, and not in a database file - meaning that
all of your postings are also spidered by the major search
engines - and presented to searchers during keyword searches
using the internet's major search engines.

Including your URL in your postings will also help with the
search engine ranking of your web site, as some engines use link
popularity as one of the criteria - the more pages out there
that have a link to your site the better for you!

These newsletters are also published as web pages on the site - meaning they too are searchable and
any submissions you are credited with, and a link to your site
is included, will count toward link popularity and help increase
your ranking in some search engines! And don't forget the
positve exposure to your peers who receive this newsletter, who
may be inclined to send referrals your way!

What great ways to promote yourself - and the price is right -


Thought For Today

There are two types of people—those who come into a room and say,
"Well, here I am!" and those who come in and say, "Ah, there you
are." — Frederick L. Collins

================================================================ is an online community of real estate
professionals dedicated to providing excellent service to
their clients.

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